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Money saving by avoidance of the penalties which might become owed because of the late payments, as well as tie saving by avoidance of the monthly presentation before the suppliers’ money desks, in this was being avoided also the potential crowd from in-there.

The payments made shall be displayed in the account statement.
Service offered by the bank in view of making payments from the current account of the payer to the services providers.

The clients can contact the Direct Debit Service, in intra- or inter-banking system, as beneficiaries, based on an agreement concerning the direct debit, or as payers, based on a mandate for direct debit.

The customer may pay the bills using intra-banking Direct Debit for:
- Vodafone Romania S.A.
- Engie Romania S.A.
- Telekom Romania Comunication SA
- Telekom Romania Mobile Comunication SA
- Electrica Furnizare Transilvania Sud Brasov
- Enel Energie
- Enel Energie Muntenia
- Compania de Apa Oltenia
- Compania de Apa Arad
- Compania de Apa Canal Sibiu SA