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It represents a financial solution for optimal use of the products and services offered by the Bank to owner / tenant associations.

By accessing the Owner / Tenant Associations Package, customers benefit from time and money savings, also enjoying easy and cost-effective management of financial resources.

Upon purchase of the Package, the Bank does not charge any fee for opening the current account in LEI.

It is intended for Clients in the Owner / Tenant Associations category.

Products and services included in this Package:

  • Current account in LEI
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking*
  • Current account intra-bank receipts
  • Intra-bank payments from current account through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

Note: *Mobile Banking Service can only be accessed by legal entity customers with individual signature rights.

It is available in LEI.

The operation of “Package” product is achieved via the current account.

At the end of each month, the administration fee is automatically charged from the current account and it amounts to 19 lei/month.

Specific documents for each type of product/service which is initially part of the “Package”