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It represents a financial solution for the advantageous use of products and services offered by the bank to apartment owners/tenants associations.

This Package is intended for Owners Associations and Tenants Associations.

Products and services in the componence of the Package are:

  • Current account;
  • Discounts on transactions in Lei;

The products / services listed below may be included in the Package, and the commissions charges are mentioned in the Annex to the Contract:

  • Internet Banking;
  • Deposits on Term;
  • Access to Value Boxes (in the bank units where this service exists).

It is available in Lei.

"Package" product operation is achieved through the current account.

At the end of each month, the Package management fee of 7.5 lei/month and the subscription value of Internet Banking, as appropriate, are automatically retained from the current account.

The customer must choose at least one product/service, besides the current account.

Request - Contract for Current Account Package for apartment owners/tenants associations

Specific documents for each type of product/service which is initially part of the “Package”