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When do we propose?
In order to implement the restructuring solutions, the borrowers must prove the worsening of their economic and financial situation, since the moment of contracting the credit, and that this creates difficulties in repayment of debts to credit facilities granted by the Bank and a possible loan restructuring will lead to the improvement of the economic and financial situation of the company, and to the possibility to repay the credits.

In the restructuring process the following main criteria will be considered:
- assessing the conduct and activities carried out by the customer with the bank until the moment when he requests the loan restructuring and compliance with the conditions undertaken by ongoing credit agreements;
- the client's ability to pay (analysis of current contracts and cash flow adjustment in accordance with market developments and field of activity);
- economic and financial analysis of financial statements presented by the customer, based on the latest trial balance, not older than 2-3 months ended;
- falling of the customer within the Bank's eligibility criteria, based on the outcome of economic and financial analysis performed in the new conditions;
- customer's ability to pay arrears recorded and maintain its incomes at a level appropriate to the compliance with the new reimbursement schedule.

New restructuring operations can also be performed by the extension of the period for granting the credits for those customers who have a diminished payment capacity and have continued making payments, but they were at a lower level (in number and value) than the one previously agreed with the Bank and commit to continue payments based on a new contract.