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Annual Interest Rate is fixed for each establishment period (1 month).

The interest shall be monthly transferred into the agent’s current account.
The minimum amount for establishing the guarantee is set out in EGO No 77/2009 for each electronic gambling machine, casino gambling table or location.

The guarantee collateral term is of 1 month, with automat renewal and payment of the monthly interest into the economic agent’s current account.

The guarantee collaterals are established exclusively in LEI.

Establishing and subsequently updating the guarantee fund shall be made by transfer from the current account.

The amounts shall be always available for the territorial competent tax body with whom the economic agent is registered.

Guarantee Collateral Establishment

The guarantee collateral shall be established based on the “Bank Letter of Guarantee Issue Application” filled in by the client and on the “Convention for opening and operating the guarantee collateral for organizing and operating gambles”.

After establishing the guarantee collateral, CEC Bank shall issue a Bank Letter of Guarantee in favor of the territorial competent tax body with whom is registered the relevant economic agent, valid for 1 year since the issue date.


The liquidation of the collateral shall be made by transfer into the economic agent’s current account, based on the written approval of the territorial competent tax body and Commission for Gamble Authorization within the Ministry of Finance.
The annual interest granted for collateral is of 0.50%.