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Flexibility, security, competitive interests

Unlimited access to money from savings account

Possibility of making subsequent deposits and partial withdrawals, by transferring them from/to the client's current account

The annual interest rate is fixed during the period of setting up the savings account.

At maturity, it automatically extends for a period equal to that for which it was initially set up, in the interest conditions of the extension day.

The money from the savings account is guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Founding currency: lei

Establishment term: 1 month

For setting up the savings account there is no minimum limit for setting up.

The discounted interest is differentiated by value tranches, being calculated daily at the existing balance in the savings account and capitalized monthly.

Differentiated by value tranches

It is calculated daily at the credit balance of the account, respectively at the number of actual days compared to a year of 365 days

It is capitalized monthly in the savings account

0-4.999.99 lei - 0.10%
5,000.00–24,999.99 lei - 0.20%
25,000.00-100,000.00 lei - 0.30%
Over 100,000.00 lei - it does not recover