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Support for customers, beneficiaries of support schemes implemented by APIA within the 2018 Campaign - Action 14T - animal welfare (swine/birds)

Convenient interest, in Lei

No own contribution is required

Flexible securities

Bank provides free consultancy with regard to the documentation required to access the loan.

Eligible customers: certified natural persons, sole partnerships, family associations or legal entities owning a type A trade undertaking/certified trade undertaking and who submit the support/payment application.

Loan purpose: Funding of working capital for performance of current business.

Load maturity date: Sole due date established for the date of payment execution by  A.P.I.A. according to the Agreements (Addenda, as applicable) signed by the Bank with regard to the funding of working capital needed to perform current activities.

Loan value: Maximum 85% of the amount established as per the Certificate issued by A.P.I.A., based on the economic and financial review of the customer.

Own contribution: Not required.

Currency: LEI

Interest: ROBOR 6M + 1.95%

Fees: Upon granting the loan, one fee shall be charged amounting to 0.95%, flat applied on the value of loan granted.


- transfer of receivables owned by the beneficiary to APIA, representing the amounts specified as per the Certificate issued by APIA and executed through the beneficiary’s account opened with the Bank;

- real estate mortgage on the current accounts of the customer, opened with the Bank;

- surety-ship agreement.