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Support for the customers who are beneficiaries of the support schemes implemented by APIA under the 2019 Campaign (Single payment per area Scheme (SAPS), Redistributive payment, Rural development compensation measures applicable to agricultural land)

Advantageous interest in Lei

No own contribution required

Flexible guarantees

The Bank provides consultancy free of charges for the preparation of the loan access documentation

Eligible customers: active farmers who are individuals and/or legal persons that perform a farming activity in capacity of legal users of agricultural land parcels and/or legal owners of animals, according to the laws in force, namely individual farmers (natural persons), private agricultural companies, agricultural associations with legal personality, family agricultural associations, joint ventures of farmers, groups of producers, trading companies and agricultural cooperatives established according to the law.

Loan destination: funding the working capital necessary to perform the current activities.

Loan maturity: unique, on the date established for making payments by APIA under the Agreements (or Addenda to Agreements, as the case may be) concluded by the Bank concerning funding the working capital necessary to support their current activities.

Loan value: maximum 90% of the amount due under the Certificate issued by APIA.

Own contribution: none

Currency: LEI

Interest: ROBOR 6M + 1.95%

Fees:  Upon grant of loan, a unique flat fee of granting in amount of 0.95% of the loan amount shall be charged.


  • Assignment of the receivables to be received by the beneficiaries from APIA, consisting of the amounts due according to the APIA Certificates, operated through the Beneficiary’s account opened with the Bank;
  • Pledge over the current accounts of the customer opened with the Bank;
  • Suretyship.