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CEC Bank does not levy review fee, management fee, prepayment fee, commitment fee

The credits benefit by 100% government guarantee through FNGCIMM

The interest is fully subsidized by the state through the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

Rapid solving of Credit Application

The bank provides free advice with regard to the preparation of credit documentation

Eligible clients: apartment owners associations, individuals with no patrimonial purpose. Owners of the family houses who are natural persons can acces theThermal rehabilitation loan for individuals (GEO no. 69/2010).

Loan destination: according to the GEO no. 69/30.06.2010 on thermal rehabilitation of the residential building funded by bank loans guaranteed by the government, as further amended and completed: 
- thermal rehabilitation of the outer cover of the building and of the afferent installations, which implies the execution of the following works: 
     - thermal isolation of the outer cover of the building, respectively, thermal isolation of the external walls, the opaque side; 
     - replacement of the external woodwork with woodwork of high energetic performance for the improvement of the energetic performance of the window side of the outer cover of the building; 
     - hydrothermal isolation of the terrace roof, respectively thermal isolation of the roof framing, if the case may be;
     - thermal isolation of the floor over the basement, in case the ground-floor of the building is designed as a dwelling; 
     - repair, replacement (if the case may be), technically justified in the energetic audit report, of the thermal agent distribution installation – heating and warm consumption water, common part of the dwelling. 
- repair and/or closing, as appropriate, balconies/loggias of blocks of flats, provided that the technical regulations in force for ensuring natural ventilation of the rooms are observed
- repair, if the case may be, replacement/acquisition with installation of the thermal plant for the block of flats/entrance, respectively of the thermal plant afferent to the single family dwelling, and also of the installations afferent to it;
- installation, if the case may be, of alternative systems in order to partially/fully provide energy for warm consumption water, lighting and/or heating.

Crediting period: max. 60 months.

Loan amount: max. 90% of the total value of expenses listed in the general bill of quantities but not exceeding the equivalent in lei, including VAT, of 1850 EUR/living room according to the data mentioned in the list of owners for the loans requested by the owner’s associations.

Credit currency: LEI

Own contribution: min. 10% of the total value of expenses listed in the general bill of quantities.

Draw period: max. 6 calendar months, according to the Application norms of the Government Emergency Ordinance no  69/2010 as further amended and completed and is determined by the date established by contract for granting  the loan to the client, until its full engagement

Interest: ROBOR upon 3 months + 1.9%, variable on trimester basis, depending on the value of the reference index on the first business day of each trimester. The interest shall be cashed by CEC Bank from the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, according to the provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 69/2010, as further amended and completed, and to the application norms.

- File review fee: 0%; 
- Management fee: 0%; 
- Prepayment fee: 0%; 
- Commitment fee: 0%; 
- Management fee owed to FNGCIMM - 0,49%. The fee is calculated on a yearly basis to the balance of the guaranteed credit and it shall be paid by the Bank. Subsequently, the Bank shall recover the fee from the beneficiary of government guarantee.

Loan reimbursement: reimbursement of the principal is made in equal, consecutive, monthly installments

- Government guarantee by FNGCIMM, representing 100% of the amount of the granted credit.
Upon conclusion of the loan agreement each member of the association of owners will conclude a Parent Guarantee Convention with the Bank by which binds himself to pay the obligation which the owner’s association does not fulfill at the due date, proportionally to the unseparable share which he holds from the common property. As an exception, shall not conclude Guarantee convention/conventions the member/members of associations of owners who finance, from own revenues, the share that belongs to him/them from the value of execution of works in the general bill of quantities..