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Competitive interests

The manner of credit reimbursement can be adjusted, according to the specific nature of activity of each beneficiary

Quick solution found to the Request for AFN and Credit

Viewing all status and financial transactions on the current account/card can be carried out using Internet Banking services and Mobile Banking service provided by the Bank

Destination of credit:

  • partial or full pre-financing of AFN / State Aid related to investment projects considered as eligible expenditure and / or
  • co-financing of ineligible expenses related to investment projects fulfilling the conditions for AFN/ NFA / State Aid.

Eligible clients: Any entity that falls into the categories of clients and fulfills the conditions imposed by the Government Programs, for which funding is requested, namely clients who develop investment projects that receive non-refundable financing in the form of State Aid and who meet the following conditions:

  • have been declared eligible;
  • the financing contract was signed / the Financing Agreement was received / the Principle Acceptance Letter was received for financing with/from the competent ministry or the competent authority.

Credit period: maximum 60 months

Grace period: maximum up to the date of receipt of AFN / State Aid, according to the collaboration Conventions concluded with the competent ministry / competent authority and their additional acts.

Amount of credit: maximum the amount of AFN / State Aid and / or ineligible expenditure approved under the Financing Contract / Financing Agreement a.s.o.

Currency: Lei

Guarantees: any warranties or a mix of those accepted by the Bank

Reimbursement of the credit and payment of the interest:

  • at the collection date / dates of AFN / State Aid, for the AFN / State Aid component;
  • monthly, within the crediting period, starting with the completion of the grace period, when inclusively ineligible expenses are financed;

Early reimbursement: it is allowed, without the payment of early reimbursement fee