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Extended lending period of maximum 24 months

Supporting START-UP customers related to the Non-refundable Financial Aid approved

FNGCIMM guarantee up to maximum 80% of the loan amount

Quick resolution of the Loan Application

Loan destination: financing the Project eligible expenses, according to the Financing Agreement concluded by the beneficiary with the Ministry for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship

Lending period: maximum 24 months

Loan amount: maximum Lei 200.000

Currency: Lei

Own contribution: N/A

Interest for loans given in 2018: fixed, of 3.99%/year

Fees related to the loans given in 2018:
- Analysis: 0%
- Management: 0.75 % of the loan amount, charged on the loan due date
- Release: 0.75% of the loan amount, charged on the loan due date
- Early repayment: 0%
For any additional request, the standard level of fees shall be charged, according to the Price Policy in force.

- Guarantee issued by FNGCIMM covering maximum 80% of the loan amount
- Collateral (which can include the goods financed under the Project, except inventory items and non-tangible fixed assets) which shall cover the difference up to the loan amount
- Trusteeship and/or blank promissory note marked "without protest" issued by the company in favor of the Bank and endorsed by the major shareholders / associates or directors
- Pledge over the current accounts of the customer opened with the Bank in any currency
- Insurance policy for the goods purchased under the Programme.