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Elimination of the risk related to defaulting the obligations undertaken through the commercial agreement

Ensuring the development of the business relationships between partners within a safe and reliable context

Quick settlement of the Loan Application

Opportunity of flexible guarantees

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

Eligible destinations: 
- to guarantee the participation to award procedures
- to guarantee a contract performance 
- to guarantee the repayment of the advances cashed 
- to guarantee payments to suppliers
- to guarantee customs duties
- to guarantee the forced execution suspension/drop for non-payment of the tax duties 
- to guarantee all the common/intra-communitarian transit operations

Eligible customers: 
- autonomous administrations, national societies, national and multi-national companies;
- State-owned or private trading companies;
- trading companies with integral foreign capital or mixed capital;
- legal farming persons;
- public local administration authorities; 
- family associations;
- certified natural persons (including those exercising liberal professions); 
- foundations and other non-profit organizations;
- financial and credit institutions (as permitted by law);
- owners’ associations and other associating forms permitted by law; 
- research institutions, unions; 
- other categories of customers (including non-resident customers), according to the law.

The bank letter of guarantee amount: it is established by mutual agreement between Bank and customer, according to the contract to which refers the guarantee, but it may not exceed the equivalent value of the maximum exposure per only one debtor and it consists of a fixed amount of money which Bank undertakes to pay to the guarantee beneficiary.

Currency:  LEI, EUR, USD. BLG for tax duty relating forced execution procedure suspension/drop shall be established exclusively in lei.

BLG validity term is the time frame during which the guarantee beneficiary may request the guarantee execution and which: 
- is established by mutual agreement with the customer, according to the contract the guarantee refers; 
- such validity term may be established with or without extending clauses. Extending shall be approved by the Bank with at least 15 days before the initial validity term expiry date. Bank letters of guarantee for tax duty relating forced execution procedure suspension/drop shall be valid for minimum 6 months.

Guarantees: any guarantees or mix of guarantees among those accepted by the Bank.