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Loan period: maximum 10 years

Flexible guarantees

Multiple methods for the loan line reimbursement

Free consultancy concerning the preparation of the documentation for the loan access by the Public Local Authorities

Fast resolving of a loan application

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank
Loan Destination:
The capital expenses made to execute the following public local investment projects are deemed to be eligible for founding by the Bank:
- funding the new investment objectives;
- supporting the completion or continuation of the investment objective works already begun;
- development, modernization and/or reengineering of the existing investment objectives, machineries, machines and installations, buildings and constructions;
- purchase of machines, machineries, transport vehicles, IT equipment and other independent goods;
- purchase of building, constructions, etc.;
- purchase, arrangement, modernization, development of the activity areas of the applicant.
- refunding different investment loans contracted with other credit institutions; 
- other public investments of local interest.

The capital expenses for public local investments of counties, municipalities, districts of Bucharest, towns and parishes must be included in the investment program of each territorial-administrative unit to be approved as annex to the local budget.

The investment objectives and the other expenses assimilated to investments are included in the investment program if their technical-economic documentations were prepared and approved according to the law in force.

The eligible domains are
- education;
- health; 
- culture, religion and interventions concerning the sports and youth activities; 
- social care, allowances, pensions, aids and social benefits;
- public and dwelling development and services; 
- agriculture and forestry;
- transports and communications;
- other economic activities (prevention and combating the floods and frost, supportino the regional development programs);
- other activities for civil protection, military centers and other related expenditures;  
- other domains of public local interest.

Eligible Clients: Public Local Authorities functioning according to the law in force which meet the conditions required by the Bank.

Value:  it may be up to 100% of the total amount of the investment project.

Own contribution: it may be minimum 15% of the investment value, according to the amount of the loan requested.

Running Method: Revolving during the investment execution period, by making successive draws and repayments, in regular monthly equal installments, the credit line balance following to be repaid by the end of the above mentioned period.

Loan Term: 10 years maximum, according to the expenses supported by the investment loan line, the investment execution term and the Public Local Authority’s loan reimbursement capacity.

Withdraw Term: established by the Investment Loan Agreement without being provided fixed terms, from the date of opening the loan line until on the date established for the investment project completion. The withdraw term coincides with the period in which the loan is running in revolving system.

Grace Term: none

Loan Currency: Lei

Guarantees: any guarantee or guarantees mix out of those accepted by the Bank shall be admitted.

Investment Loan Line Reimbursement: the loan shall be reimbursed generally monthly. If there are well grounded reasons, the relevant maturities may be established quarterly / bi-annually, consisting of equal or unequal installments, as the case may be, according to the payment capacity of the Public Local Authority and the legal provisions on the maximum indebtness threshold provided for by such provisions.