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The overdraft limit

Destination: financing of current temporary needs, with renewal depending on the crediting turnover made

Eligible clients: legal entities satisfying the general lending conditions and in addition:
- have a minimum of 12 months from their setting up, have actual activity and have registered turnover with a positive financial result;
- for PFA clients, individual enterprises, family businesses and individual agricultural producers: the turnover will be assimilated to the earnings achieved and entered in the Receipts and Payments Register, corroborated with the last statement filed and registered with the fiscal body;
- have signed the Business Card issuance agreement and hold these cards before the credit limit is approved / set.

Interest rate: ROBOR 3M + 8.15 p.p., 9.15 p.p., 10.15 p.p., depending on the financial performance class

Minimum credit limit: 5.000 lei

Maximum credit limit:
- up to 80,000 lei for new clients (without exposure with CEC Bank)
- up to 200,000 lei for clients who already have exposure with CEC Bank (afferent to other products than OVD PJ) less than or equal to 1 million lei, at the date when the application was submitted
- max. 350,000 lei for clients who already have exposure with CEC Bank for more than 1 million lei, guaranteed, on the date when the application was submitted; in the case of clients falling in the A performance class, at the time of the analysis, the maximum amount is 500,000 lei, but no more than 15% of the annual turnover (according to the last annual balance sheet recorded and registered; for the clients who did not elaborate submit any annual financial statement, the annualized turnover will be estimated according to the turnover achieved in the last 6 months)

Credit period: 24 months, with the possibility of extension

- Grant commission: 0
- Management fee: 0
- Extension commission: 0.5% / year (minimum 400 lei - maximum 1,000 lei; collection of the commission in the form of pro-rata in case of extensions for a period of less than 12 months)

Minimum crediting turnover: 10% of the value used at the end of the previous month