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Quick response to the clients’ requests

Provides continuity in the development of the client’s current activity

Provides fluidity and celerity in the client’s payments

Provides flexibility by conforming to a wide range of payment instruments

Flexible guarantees

The Bank offers free consultancy in relation to drawing up the documentation for accessing the ceiling afferent to factoring the debts ascertained by checks and other negotiable credit titles presented at receipt
Eligible clients: any legal person, CEC Bank client having a current account opened for at least 6 months at the date of ceiling application, with satisfactory financial results and a good history of payment behavior in its relation with the state, business partners and credit institutions, according to CEC Bank internal regulations and who, additionally, complies with the following:
- between the payment instrument beneficiary and payer there must have been, in the last 6 months, at least two similar commercial transactions or at least a commercial transaction per month if their business relation has less than 6 months;
- the funded debt must be the subject matter of commercial transactions, according to the business conducted by the client - payment instrument beneficiary.

Purpose: satisfying the current needs of working capital.

Ceiling currency: LEI

Ceiling value: max. 25% of the client’s turnover afferent to the last 6 months, based on the balance sheets.

Own contribution: not required.

Credit term: max. 12 months, with revolving functioning and extension possibility for new periods of max. 12 months each.

Use: by multiple withdrawals, based on the payment instruments presented for funding.

Maturity date of each withdrawal: max. 90 days, correlated with the receipt deadline of funded payment instruments; the latest receipt deadline must not exceed the final maturity date of the funding ceiling minus 5 bank days.

a. For ceilings funding max. 75% of the presented payment instruments (others than promissory notes): 
- real estate mortgage on debts ascertained by commercial contracts (not assigned in favor of other credit institutions), taken into account by the funding and/or payment instruments withdrawn by the mortgaged debt debtor;
- real estate mortgage on balances of accounts opened with CEC Bank;
- promissory notes guaranteed by shareholders/managers and their spouses or surety contract concluded for the total value of the ceiling.

b. For ceilings funding more than 75% of the presented payment instruments value, in addition to the above guarantees, other types of guarantees accepted by the Bank shall be requested.

The credit shall be reimbursed upon the funded payment instrument receipt, without exceeding the deadline of each withdrawal, under a percentage minimum equal to the funded percentage of the payment instrument value.