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Competitive interests

Flexible reimbursement options, according to the specific activity of the customer

Flexible guarantees

Grace period of maximum 6 months, regardless the lending term

No loan application analysis fee if the customers acquire one of the following products:  Internet Banking CEConline, Master Card Business Silver, Visa Business Silver

Quick solution for the Loan Application

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

Bank offers consultancy for free on the preparation of the documentation for accessing the loan.
The eligible customers: any customer of the Bank, legal person (SME or Corporate entity) which meets the eligibility criteria established by the Bank.

Loan destination: to finance the debts to the consolidated budget (payment of the outstanding debts to the budget) determined on the basis of the Tax Certificate.

Lending term: 60 months maximum

Grace period: 6 months maximum

Loan value: it is determined by the global value of the outstanding debts to the State budget and the social security contribution budget, according to the Tax Clearance Certificate and it may not exceed 50% of the turnover recorded in the last annual balance sheet. Based on the customer’s Application, the Bank will request to the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), the report containing the firm fiscal debts, according to which the loan will be granted without exceeding the amount requested by the customer.

No own contribution is required. If the loan amount does not cover the whole value of the existing outstanding debts, an own contribution shall be required to the customer, with an amount equivalent with the difference remained uncovered by the loan.

Currency: Lei

Guarantees: the following types of guarantees shall be mandatory requested: 
- mortgage on real estate and/or mortgage or pledge over negotiable securities / FNGCIMM guarantee granted only for SME customers;
- a blank promissory note marked ”no protest” and endorsed by the directors/shareholders of the company; 
- mortgage on the current accounts of the customer opened with the Bank.

In addition: any guarantee or mix of guarantees accepted by the Bank. The mortgage on the good and finished product inventories shall NOT be accepted as guarantee.

The loan reimbursement is made monthly. In well supported cases, according to the specific activity of the customer, the payment due dates can be established monthly, quarterly or each semester, in equal installments.