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Flexible reimbursements methods and guarantees

The credit may be fully used or in deferred instalments

Fast resolving of the Credit application

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

The Bank provides free consultancy for the preparation of the documentation required to access the credit

Eligible customers: leasing companies – companies which work according to the provisions of Law no. 31/1990 – Law of companies, republished, with subsequent changes and completions, which have as principal object of activity leasing operations conducting and have minimum social capital, subscribed and integrally paid in cash, at the incorporation, equal with the equivalent in national currency – lei – of the amount of 200.000 Euro and which meet the general crediting conditions and standard eligibility criteria established by the internal regulations of the Bank.

Loan destination:
- financing of the acquisition of new immovable and movable (machinery, equipments, vehicles, etc.), which will be, then, provided, in leasing regime, to the users (natural or legal persons) with which leasing agreements are concluded; 
- refinancing of loans for the leasing activity contracted at other financing companies;
- refinance of the leasing agreements initially funded from the company working capital.

Crediting period:
- maximum 10 years, in case of real estate leasing, without exceeding the length of leasing agreements;
- maximum 5 years, in case of real estate leasing, without exceeding the length of leasing agreements; 
The crediting period will be correlated with the period of collection of the receivables generating from leasing agreements.

Grace period:
- maximum 3 months in case of acquisition of vehicles; 
- maximum 6 months for acquisition of equipments and real estate leasing. 
The grace period granted by Bank will not exceed the grace period granted by the leasing company to its customers.

Loan value:
- it will be correlated with the value of the advance charged by the leasing company from its customers, without exceeding 80% from the total value of the acquisitioned goods.

Own contribution: minimum 20% from the total value of the acquisitioned goods.

Loan currency: LEI, EURO, USD.

Interest: variable, established depending on the crediting period and performance class in which the customer fits.

- in accordance with the regulations regarding the guaranteeing of the loans provided by Bank to legal persons, namely: 
- Movable/immovable mortgage on acquired goods;
- Movable mortgage on the receivable generated by the leasing agreements, with value 0 (zero) and which are not included in the calculation of guarantees coverage; 
- Any other guarantees to ensure a minimum level of guarantees coverage, according with the regulations in force.

Loan repayment: 
- repayment of all the provided loans based on the individual agreements related to a crediting convention will be made monthly, at the same maturity. In duly justified cases, the loan maturity date can be negotiated.