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Funding of newly established companies under advantageous interest / commissions and flexible guarantees

Rapid solution solving of your credit application

Repayment of the credit at maturity dates, as agreed with the beneficiary, depending on the specificity of its activity: monthly, quarterly or half-yearly

The possibility of using the Internet Banking / Mobile Banking service is provided by the Bank.

The bank offers free consulting on how to prepare the credit documentation.

Destination: financing of investment projects and of current expenses related to the project implementation period, for Romanian citizens residing outside Romania

Eligible clients: companies (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) who:

-are registered according to the Law no. 31/1990 on companies, as republished, with subsequent modifications and integrations or grounded on the Law no. 1/2005 regarding the organization and functioning of the cooperation/association or on the basis of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 6/2011 to stimulate the start-up and development of microenterprises by business start-up entrepreneurs, with subsequent modifications and integrations;

-are SMEs, according to the provisions of art. 2 and art. 4 par. (1) lit. a), b) or c) of the Law no. 346/2004 on the stimulation of establishing and developing small and medium enterprises, with subsequent amendments and completions, which transposes into the national legislation the EC Recommendation no. 361 as of May 6th, 2003, published in the Official Journal of the European Union no. L124 as of May 20th, 2003 (hiring up to 249 employees and obtaining a net annual turnover of up to 50 million euro or holding total assets of up to 43 million, equivalent in lei);

-own capital, entirely private;

-are registered with the Trade Registry Office and maximum 6 months passed since its founding until the date of opening the account with the CEC Bank, have their registered office / work place and operate on the Romanian territory.

Credit value: up to 70% of the total project value, but not more than 200,000 lei

Credit period: minimum 6 months - maximum 60 months, with a grace period of maximum 6 months

Warranties: any mix of guarantees of those accepted by the Bank, except for guarantees issued by guarantee funds

Credit reimbursement: monthly / quarterly / half-yearly, depending on the specific activity of each client, based on current and expected cash flows of the borrower