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Possibility of financing of the current expenses related to the activities of the company

Possibility of refinancing of the loans related to current activity of the company

Flexible guarantees

Competitive interests, in lei, eliminating the currency risk

Own contribution is not required

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

Eligible customers: any customer, legal entity, which meets the general crediting conditions, has satisfying financial results and a good history of the payment behavior in the relationship with the State, business partners and loan institutions, in accordance with the internal regulations of CEC Bank.

Destination: financing of the current expenditure related to the activities of the company, as of the declared object of activity, as well as the refinancing of some loans for the current activity contracted at other financing companies. Thus, there can be financed:
- expenditure on supply;
- production;
- sale;
- expenditure on execution of works and/or services provision;
- expenditure on providing;
- processing;
- capitalization of stocks;
- payment of the current taxes, current VAT etc.;
- other types of expenditure;
- refinancing of other credit facilities from Bank.

Crediting period: maximum 36 months 

Grace period: maximum 12 months 

Loan value: it is determined and it will correlated with the necessary working capital of the company, with its financial cycle and with its capacity of reimbursement 

Currency: LEI 

Own contribution: it is not required 

Guarantees: any guarantees or mix of guarantees of those accepted by the Bank 

Loan reimbursement: the maturities can be agreed with the customer, monthly, quarterly or semester, in equal or unequal installments depending on the specific of each customer’s activity.