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Support for the BIO ROMANIA ASSOCIATION members, to the end of passing from the conventional agriculture to the certified environment-friendly agriculture (BIO) or of modernizing the existing BIO farms

Attractive interests for financing granted in lei

Quick settlement of the loan application

Flexible guarantees established according to the maximum financing amount

Grace period of maximum 1 year which can be extended up to maximum 3 years, for the investments intended to setting up orchards

Repayment methods adapted to the special nature of the customer’s activity
Eligible customers: any legal person customer which meets the general lending conditions, has satisfying financial results and a good background, in terms of paying conduct, as debtor to the State, business partners and credit institutions, according to the internal rules of CEC Bank and submits to the Bank a letter of reference from BIO Romania Association by which the following are certified: 
- the applicant is member of BIO Romania Association; 
- the applicant commits to use high quality inputs (including technologies and equipments), recognized by BIO Romania Association as being part of a production process in line with the BIO standards; 
- the applicant commits to develop the certification procedure for the products, via BIO Romania Association.

Loan scope: the expenses contained in the investment projects submitted by the customers relating to passing from conventional to BIO agriculture or to modernizing of the existing BIO farms shall be deemed eligible to be funded by the Bank.

Loan term: max. 10 years.

Grace period:
- maximum 1 year; 
- maximum 3 years, in case of orchards, such period being required until the first harvest.

Loan amount: maximum 85% of the total investment amount

Own contribution: minimum 15% of the total investment amount

Currency: LEI

Guarantees: any guarantee or mix of guarantees amongst those accepted by the Bank, including mortgage on agricultural crop, given specific activity that will require customers switching from conventional to BIO farms or upgrading existing ones.

Loan repayment: the due terms for repayment of principal may be established, by mutual agreement with the customer, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually, according to the special nature of the activity of each customer.