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Methods of reimbursement and flexible guarantees

Quick solving of the loan application

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank
Loan destination:
- the performance of new objectives and/or production capacities
- the completion of the investment works regarding objectives and/or production capacities whose performance was started
- the development, modernization and/or the investment objectives, of the production capacities, of the machinery, cars and installations, of the buildings and of the existing constructions
- the procurement of cars, machinery, means of transportation, equipments
- the purchase of buildings, constructions, production units etc.
- purchase, arrangement, modernization, the development of the spaces for the development of the customer activity etc.
- the provision of the utilities necessary for the operation of the objectives and of the new or existing production capacities, expenditures regarding the performance of the technological tests, including data processing programs etc.
- the purchase of productive, breeding and labour animals
- the establishment of tree plantations, vineyards and other species
- the refinancing of certain investment loans contracted at other financing companies as well as the refinancing of the investment loans granted by business partners based on certain contracts
- purchase of stocks/equity shares (less own stocks)
- other investment purchases, services and works  
- in case of commissioning a new investment, the expenses for training the staff are deemed as eligible to be funded

Eligible customers: any legal person that fulfils the eligibility criteria set by the bank

Loan period: minimum 6 months - maximum 12 years. The maximum crediting period is correlated with the maximum life of the financed investment.

Grace period:
- up to 3 months for the short term loans
- up to 6 months for the medium term loans
- up to 12 months for the long term loans

Loan amount: max. 85% of the total value of the investment

Own contribution: min. 15% (may be made in cash or in nature)

Currency: lei or foreign currency

Guarantees: any kind of guarantees or guarantee mix may be accepted from those approved by the Bank

Loan reimbursement
- the due dates may be set, by agreement with the customer, monthly, quarterly or half yearly, in equal or unequal instalments according to the type of activity of each customer 
- the interest is paid monthly

These conditions may be negotiated according to the customer’s reliability, the turnover size, the economic and financial indicators of the company.