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Option of having, within the established revolving range, multiple draws and repayments, with multiple destinations through access to several cash and non-cash products

Competitive interests

Loan destination: multiple destinations adjusted to the different needs of the legal person customers, within the Multi Credit Revolving Facility, being possible to access the following loan facilities:
- Investment loan;
- Credit line;
- (Non-revolving and revolving) facility to finance the stocks);
- Loans to set-off the debts to the State budget;
- Special loan to finance the current activities;
- Issue of letters of credit (import);
- Bank letters of guarantee and counter-guarantee.

Eligible customers: any legal person which meets the eligibility criteria established by the Bank.

Maximum Multi-Credit Revolving Facility Value: to be established based on the loan application analysis, being correlated with the turnover amount, the company’s ability of repayment, the proposed guarantees, but also depending on the destination of the loans to be used under the project.

Minimum Multi-Credit Revolving Facility Value: LEI 500 000.

Currency: LEI.

Currency for revolving facility draws/individual loans: LEI/EURO/USD

Maximum exposure to individual currency loans: 85% of MCF amount.

Lending period:
maximum 36 months for customers ranging within financial performance classes A and B and having a turnover of minimum Lei 2 billions, according to the last financial exercise closed;
- maximum 24 months for customers ranging within financial performance class C and having a turnover less than Lei 2 billions.

Warranty period: it is granted for every type of loan used/given from the revolving facility, according to the special regulations for each product.

Guarantees: any mix of guarantees from those accepted by the Bank, except for the guarantees issued by the guaranteeing funds.

Repayment: revolving.