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If you just became a parent on November 24, 2019, let's enjoy this holiday day together!

If you have your domicile / residence in Romania, come until December 31, 2019 in any CEC Bank unit with the child's birth certificate and your identity document, in order to receive the lei equivalent of the prize of 155 euros gross (for each child) per a Visa debit card from CEC Bank.


If you do not hold such a card, we offer you one!


The money will be transferred in lei equivalent on the transfer date, and the 10% tax applied to the difference between the value in lei calculated at the NBR exchange rate on the day of the transfer in the card account and the non-taxable amount of 600 lei, will be withheld and paid by the bank. The bank will bear the expenses related to card issuance and card administration fee for the first month.

In time, our bank has organized several such campaigns, all starting with the desire to celebrate the World Economy Day.


For example, on October 31, 1937, this tradition was inaugurated - the gift book for newborns. The National House of Savings and Postal Checks presents to the children from the municipalities of Bucharest and Cluj, born on this day, an economics booklet with a deposit of 100 lei.


The following year, the Higher Council of the Economy decides to extend, also from the World Economy Day, this formula of promoting the saving for all the babies born on October 31, from the 10 capitals of the lands. Thus, 77 gift books were distributed to the newborns, most of them arriving in working families.


On October 31, 1939, the gift booklet is generalized for all newborns.


In 1964, when the bank celebrated 100 years of existence, it also offered gift books.

Read more in the Campaign Regulations.