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CEC Bank and SelfPay, leader of the self-service terminal market, launch a new service available through SelfPay ATM from the Bank’s units, namely the cash deposit into the accounts of the CEC Bank’s customers.

The deposit operations can be performed into the current accounts and the card accounts of the Bank’s customers, within the limit of Lei 3 000/operation.

Use of such service is easy and enables the replenishing of the accounts in real time, the deposits in the customers’ accounts being effective immediately after the completion of the operation.

"Implementation of such solution for replenishing the accounts with cash is a step forward made by CEC Bank towards the digitalization and, implicitly, simplification of the Customer – Bank interaction. Our customers already have used the ATM for paying their utility and service invoices, through the services provided by SelfPay, and annually, according to our estimations, we will exceed one million of operations performed via ATM ", has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, Managing Director and President of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank.

"The expansion of the portfolio of available services through the ATMs installed in the CEC Bank units is a natural stage in the transformation of the ATM into a digital friendly teller of the Bank. The partnership with CEC Bank is a significant step, in line with the long and medium term strategy of SelfPay, in rendering SelfPay the main supplier of integrated Self-Service solutions for the banks and financial institutions in Romania", has declared Mr. Adrian Badea, CEO of SelfPay.

In about 25% of the total number of CEC Bank units, the SelfPay ATMs are already installed and we consider expanding the ATM network and the services provided through those ATMs.

For additional information on the products and services offered by CEC Bank, you can contact us in any territorial units, or by calling at the phone number 0 800 800 848 or by visiting the website