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During the Romania Visa Annual Forum event, CEC Bank was awarded the "Premium Product Launch" for its Visa Platinum card. Being launched on the market in September 2017, this card was appreciated for the benefits associated, for the first time in Romania, to such a card, which are usually found in Visa Infinite products: access to concierge services in Romanian language and access to business lounges in international airports, without the need for an additional card in this regard.

The Visa Platinum credit card can access a maximum credit limit of 100,000 lei at an interest rate of only 13.50% per year. From April 2 until the end of 2018, customers can benefit from up to 24 monthly fixed rates, free of interest for all transactions above 100 RON made with national and international traders, from the moment the service is activated and until it ceases.

Among the other benefits associated to this card, it can be mentioned: free monthly subscriptions for Mobile Banking services and SMS Info, exemption from the card administration fees provided that the card holder has in the bank minimum total availability of 50,000 euro or equivalent in Ron/other currency, comprehensive package of abroad travel insurance, emergency assistance abroad, access to the Business Class lounges in the Henri Coanda International Airport s.a.

"By calling for a Visa Platinum credit card, CEC Bank customers can access both a generous credit limit and a range of benefits attached to the card, useful but also exclusive services in the country and abroad. Competitiveness on the line of digitization is currently a major concern of the Bank and, in this respect, we will continue to encourage new technologies and actively support the development of electronic payment transactions", said Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President and CEO of CEC Bank.

Example of calculation - Visa Platinum credit card*

- the loan shall be withdrawn in full, in cash, at the time of granting;
- the grace period was not taken into account, as not applicable in case of withdrawal of the credit in cash;
- the credit will be reimbursed in 12 equal monthly installments;
- no withdrawal shall be made during the 12 months for reimbursement;
- DAE (Effective Annual Interest or annual percentage rate of charge - APRC) is calculated according to the legal provisions in force and contains the related annual interest, plus fees applicable to your card account.

Credit value: 40.000 lei
Crediting period: 1 an
Maximum Monthly Rate: 3.579,43 lei
DAE/APRC: 16,44%
Total payable value: 42.953,09

DAE / APRC includes:
- Variable interest: ROBOR 3M + 11.42% = 13.50%
- File Analysis Fee: 0
- Card issuing commission: 15 lei
- Cash withdrawal fee by using the card in its own ATM and EPOS networks installed in the CEC Bank units: 1% minimum 2 lei;
- Monthly card account management fee: 0 lei

*The example presented is for information purposes and it is not applicable if new withdrawals are made from the card account during the 12 months, within the credit limit approved by the bank and the monthly repayments.

More details about the products and services offered by CEC Bank can be obtained at any territorial unit, by calling the free-phone number 0.800.800.848 or by accessing the website at: