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Wednesday, April 17, 2019, CEC Bank, in partnership with the Maramures County Council, the Maramures Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Maramures Entrepreneurs Association organized an event to promote products and services dedicated to Local Public Administration Authorities (LPAAs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

At the opening of the meeting, the Vice President of the Maramures County Council, Mr. Ioan Doru Dancus, welcomed the initiative of CEC Bank and conveyed congratulations for his involvement: "I congratulate the President of CEC Bank for his presence in Maramures and for coming with a large and extreme team well prepared for this meeting”.

On this occasion, Mr. Laurentiu Mitrache, General Manager - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank, underlined the role of the bank in supporting SMEs, agriculture, local public administrations, as well as those banking projects that, by their nature, contribute to the economic development of Romania: "We are the largest Romanian bank with state capital. We are not just profit-oriented, but profit-driven in the cost-benefit approach. We do not strictly look at how much money we get from a lending operation, but also what results for the beneficiary, for the locality, for the area, for the whole country in the end”.

With regard to financial intermediation, which is only 38-40% of GDP in Romania, compared to almost 100% in Central and Eastern European countries, Mitrache added: "We have a huge potential. We have 1,120 units across the country, accounting for 22% of the total banking network. Given the intention of our shareholder to increase financial intermediation in Romania, our presence in the territory can only demonstrate our commitment to this. " In addition to its presence in the territory, the offer of products and services also plays an important role: "Through the banking products and services we offer to all our clients, individuals or businesses, we managed to have a year in the past three years of the bank faster than the banking industry, which is a positive, encouraging sign".

The President of the Maramures Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Florentin Tus congratulated CEC Bank representatives for choosing to come to the county and to present personalized financing solutions to each potential customer. "CEC Bank, the most important state financial institution, has legally inherited and managed the most important banking network in the country," concluded Mr. Tus. Mr. Ovidiu Goga, chairman of the Maramures Association of Entrepreneurs, showed that the common interest of the companies that are in the association is to develop the county, and the presence of CEC Bank representatives was seen as an opportunity to access new funds to increase the of existing businesses. "Businessmen present in the room want to interact with this old Romanian bank, and we hope the products they offer will be the most convenient for every businessman," Mr. Goga said.

During the meeting, Mrs. Doina Topala, director of the SME Directorate of CEC Bank, presented a presentation of the financing projects in the AAPL and SME area. Following on from the presentation, Mrs. Ramona Ivan, Director of CEC Bank's External Relations and Funding Division, discussed external financing and guarantee solutions (COSME, European non-reimbursable funds). The meeting was followed by a question and answer session, during which a team of specialists from the CEC Bank Head Office shared the audience with the experience and professional expertise in the field of lending to legal persons.

CEC Bank -Baia Mare Branch CEO, Ms. Mihaela Aurelia Bran, has expressed confidence that the event will bring multiple benefits to the community, being an opportunity for direct communication and establishing a constructive exchange of views between the organizers and the representatives of local public administrations.

The event, hosted by the Training and Marketing Center of the Maramures Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brought together representatives of local authorities, economic agents, bank specialists, media representatives.