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CEC Bank launches a new savings product intended to natural persons, namely the Flat Interest Rate Deposit in Lei for 36 months. The interest rate subsidized is of 3% a.p. and the amounts are guaranteed by the Banking System Deposit Guarantee Fund. l

The deposit may be constituted both through the more than 1 000 territorial units of CEC Bank (out of which about 500 are located in the rural environment) and through the digital Apps of the Bank, as CEC Bank Mobile Banking, Internet Banking CEConline or Phone Banking TeleCEC.

The offer of CEC Bank for the term deposits intended to natural persons includes a wide range of maturities, from one month to 36 months, with the option to capitalize the interest or to transfer the interest on the due date into the current account. The interest rate subsidized is of 1% a.p. in case of term deposits in lei with flat interest rate constituted for 6 months, 1.5% a.p. in case of deposits constituted for 12 months, and 2.25% a.p. for b24 months.

"By launching this new savings product, as well as by increasing the interests for term deposits in the current offer, CEC Bank considers both building the existing customers’ loyalty, and the attraction of new customers, through solutions appropriate for the optimal management of the cash availabilities” has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, interim CEO and President of CEC Bank Board of Directors.

For more details on CEC Bank products and services, please contact us in any territorial agency or call us at 0.800.800.848 or access our website