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CEC Bank, the Romanian bank with the longest tradition and the largest network in Romania, is launching Card2Card service for quick transfer of money from mobile phone to bank cards, developed on the card organizations' platforms. This service can be accessed through the dedicated Card2Card Transfer App, in the form of a digital wallet, available for both Android operating system phones and iOS operating system phones.

Money transfers via Card2Card Transfer will allow bank card users to initiate money transfers, money requests to / from user-edited phone numbers, which are / are not saved in the phone book. You can quickly transfer amounts of money in lei and euro from / to cards issued by financial and banking institutions in Romania and abroad (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria). In the case of clients using Visa cards issued by CEC Bank, money transfers can also be made through the CEC Pay App, recently launched by the bank.

At the same time, CEC Bank announces the availability of contactless payments at any terminal in Romania or abroad, compatible with such payments, through smartwatch devices using Visa cards registered in the Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay wallets.

"CEC Bank has over 155 years of tradition in Romania, but we keep up with the times and launch innovative products and services on the market, so as to better meet the requirements of clients. Currently, mobile phones are used more than computers for internet browsing. At the same time, money transfers from person to person continue to be popular - from sharing a restaurant bill to sending money to family members or loans. In this context, the service of money transfer on card launched by CEC Bank answers to the needs of speed and accessibility," explains Bogdan Neacsu, CEO - President of CEC Bank.

"We are very excited to launch together with our partners from CEC Bank, new payment services dedicated to the holders of Visa cards issued by CEC Bank, which meet the needs of mobility and digitization. Our data shows that one in 10 payments at stores is currently being made with a Visa card from mobile wallets, indicating that Romanians want to operate payments quickly, conveniently and safely with mobile devices. Contactless payments via smartwatch, which integrate Pay option, are adapted to consumers with a modern lifestyle encouraging the freedom of movement, at the same time providing a very high level of security. Moreover, CEC Bank clients who register their Visa card in the CEC Pay digital wallet will be able to send and receive money, in real time, from relatives and friends, both in the country and and abroad, through the Visa Direct payment platform. Thus, the money transfer is operated efficiently and securely, directly in the beneficiary's account, based on the card data," said Catalin Cretu, General Manager for Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Malta at Visa.

In order to activate the Card2Card transfer service, users must download the Card2Card Transfer App, available for both CEC Bank clients and clients of other financial-banking institutions, to authenticate and add both bank cards and loyalty cards, issued by different merchants.

The Card2Card Transfer App can be installed for free, while in case of money transfers executed until 31.12.2020, there are no fees charged. The user guide and related fees are available to clients for consultation at


About CEC Bank

CEC Bank is the Romanian bank with the longest tradition. Established in 1864, CEC Bank currently has over 2 million clients, the largest national network, with over 1,000 branches and agencies and assets of 29.3 billion lei, at the end of 2018.

CEC Bank is a top universal bank on the Romanian market, providing a complete range of products and services to natural persons, SMEs and large corporations, via multiple distribution channels: bank units, ATM networks, internet banking (CEConline), mobile banking and phone banking (Tele CEC).

The Romanian state, through the Ministry of Public Finance, is the sole shareholder of CEC Bank, and in November of this year (namely 2019), following the agreement of the European Commission, the bank's capital was increased by 940 million lei.

More details related to the products and services provided by CEC Bank can be obtained in any unit of the Bank, by calling the Customer Support Service, free of charge, at telephone number 0.800.800.848 or at