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CEC Bank informs on the carry out of more than 10 300 transactions through SelfPay Stations located in the Bank agencies from Plaza Romania Shopping Center (Bucharest, 26 Timnisoara Avenue) and Park Lake Shopping Center (Bucharest, 4 Liviu Rebreanu St.), during a period of less than three operation weeks.

Through the Pay Stations, customers can carry out operations as cash deposits into the accounts opened with CEC Bank, payment of the utility invoices or different services invoices, including payment of the passport related charges.

"In line with the assumed mission, CEC Bank continues the digitization process, improving the customer’s experience by implementing the newest and most modern technologies. Carry out operations at Pay Stations, including payment of passport related charges, represents a service developed along with SelfPay, which is leader of the self-service type terminal market. Cooperation between CEC Bank and SelfPay began in May 2018, more than 500 000 transactions being processed at the Pay Stations installed within CEC Bank units, until in the present" has declared Mr. Laurentiu Mitrache, Managing Director and President of CEC Bank Board of Directors.

The Pay Stations are available every day, from Monday to Sunday, between 8:00 a.m. and 22:00 p.m. (except for the periods when the shopping centers are closed).

For more details on the CEC Bank products and services please contact us in any territorial unit, or call us at the free of charge phone number 0.800.800.848 or access our website