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Continuing the policy of supporting the funding granted to natural persons, CEC Bank participates, as partner bank, in the “INVESTING IN YOU” Programme developed by the Ministry of Public Finances and the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis.

Thus, the Bank has developed the “INVESTING IN YOU” Student Loan by which funding shall be granted to all customers and their families’ members that want to benefit of personal development opportunities, based on the legal provisions, amounting to:
- maximum Lei 40 000 for young people aged between 16 and up to 26 years old / maximum, who follow their studies in schools, faculties or follows certified specialist courses;
- maximum Lei 35 000 for people aged between 26 and 55 years old, who follow studying courses in education institutions or certified specialist courses and/or occupational retraining courses.

The loans granted may be supplemented by up to Lei 20 000 if the beneficiary takes an employment or is employee throughout the lending term.

Loans shall be used in one or several tranches and shall be 80% guaranteed by the State through the National Loan Guarantee Fund for SMEs and the Romanian Counter-guarantee Fund. Additionally, according to the law, a mortgage shall be lodged over the tracking amounts representing incomes and liquidities in Lei and foreign currency, held by the loan beneficiary or the co-debtors and/or due whatsoever by third parties to the loan beneficiary or the co-debtors in the present or in the future based on different existing legal relationships, as well as a pledge over the accounts opened with the Bank by the customer and the co-debtor.

The loans shall be granted for a maximum funding term of 10 yeats with a grace period of maximum 5 years, for the following intended uses:
- Payment of costs for books, office supplies, courses, specialist magazines
- Payment of costs for nurseries, kindergartens, private schools
- Payment of costs with specialist/qualification courses
- Payment of costs with occupational training courses
- Payment education charges, including master, PhD and MBA charges
- Payment of rent and utility costs
- Payment of accommodation in student households
- Payment of a share of costs for building or purchasing a home
- Payment of costs for house modernization or renovation
- Payment of costs for medicines, tests, dental services and surgeries
- Payment of transport costs for traveling to scientific events or contests
- Payment of costs with cultural subscriptions or tickets: cinema, theater, opera, libraries, museums
- Payment of costs for publishing specialist books or studies
- Payment of costs of sport items
- Payment of costs for participation in scientific events and contests
- Payment of costs for purchasing laptops, computers, printers, specialist programs.

The interest of ROBOR 3M + 2 p.p. born and the analysis fee of 0.1% of the approved loan amount shall be born by the State budget, through the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis. No early repayment fee shall be charged.

"By adhering to “INVESTING IN YOU” Programme developed by the Ministry of Public Finances and the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis, CEC Bank will participate in supporting the education, training and studying completion of the young people in view of their integration in society and their occupational and living condition quality improvement”, has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, interim CEO and President of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank.

CEC Bank will provide its customers with information on the "INVESTING IN YOU" loan through its more than 1 000 territorial units. For more information, please call us at free of charge number 0800800848 or contact us via website