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CEC Bank, the financial institution with the longest tradition and the largest network in Romania, offers within the Mobile Banking App, direct access to the status of taxes, duties and fines owed to the authorities, by query and integrating with, and it enables immediate payment of these amounts, fee free.

"Since last year, CEC Bank has initiated several digitization initiatives - such as launching mobile payments, opening accounts online - and we are convinced that the mobile internet is one of the channels which will allow us to attract new customers and thus contribute to the increase of the financial inclusion in Romania. In 2019, the number of CEC Mobile Banking users has increased by 95% and we believe that this is the channel with the highest growth potential”, said Bogdan Neacsu, President - CEO of CEC Bank

During last year, about 60% of the volumes of CEC Bank clients’ transactions have been initiated via alternative channels– Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Since last year, CEC Bank customers have had the possibility to pay their taxes, duties or fines online, through Mobile Banking App, by selecting and completing the payment details (type of tax, beneficiary institution, amount due). Following the integration with, local taxes and fees - such as the taxes on lands and buildings, cars - as well as fines can be paid with a simple click, the amounts owed at individual level being displayed directly, in the form of a list. There are no fees charged for the payment of taxes, duties and fines through this system.

To activate the new functionality, it is necessary to update the CEC Mobile Banking App in the App Store for Apple phone owners or in Google Play for Android phones.

In parallel with the services development on digital channels, CEC Bank keeps its commitment to maintaining the territorial network - the largest in the country, with over 1,000 business units - which plays an essential role for Romanians access to banking services, especially in the small urban and rural areas.