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CEC Bank announces that foreign currency exchanges executed through the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking platforms will be processed at an exchange rate of Lei 0.0025, more advantageous than the exchange rate at the counter, both for the sale and buying of currency.

The Facility is intended for natural and legal person - customers, within the limits already set for each channel, for the following currency exchanges:
- EUR versus RON;
- USD versus RON;
- GBP versus RON;
- CHF versus RON.
The Facility does not apply to other currency exchanges or "cross" exchanges.

"Through this approach, we want to encourage digital channel transactions and offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from a positive interaction with the Bank thanks to modern technologies and attractive costs", said Laurentiu Mitrache, General Manager - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank.

More detailed information about CEC Bank products and services are available at any Agency, by calling 0.800.800.848, free of charge, or visiting the internet website