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On March 31st of 2018, CEC Bank develops a promoting campaign intended to financing the current working capital needs. Thus, the legal entity customers, holding at least one investment loan with the Bank, can guarantee, when contracting the financing facilities included in the campaign, with subsequent ranking mortgages over the movable and/or immovable goods already used as sureties for the investment loan(s) in progress.

Under the campaign, the following loan types can be accessed:

  • Credit line;
  • Special current business financing loan;
  • Stock financing loan.

The characteristics of the financing loans granted under the promoting campaign are the following:

  • Currency: Lei;
  • Maximum loan amount: within the limits of the repaid principal installment amounts related to the investment loans but not more than 30% of the turnover;
  • Guarantees:
    - Subsequent rank mortgage over the movable and/or immovable goods used as securities for the investment loans;
    - Pledge over the current accounts opened with the Bank;
    - Suretyship agreement signed with the major shareholders / partners or directors and, as the case may be, with their spouse;
  • Review fee: Lei 0;
  • Loan management fee: diminished by 50% compared with the reference management fee charged by the Bank.

"According to the mission assumed, CEC Bank continues to actively involve in any project aiming to support the business environment, the entrepreneurship and the SMEs segment. By launching this promoting campaign, we want to address, once again, the needs of our legal entity customers, through our dedicated financing products provided under advantageous flexible terms”, has declared Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President and Managing Director of CEC Bank.

For more details on the products and services included in the CEC Bank offer, please contact us in any territorial units or by calling at the phone number 0 800 800 848 free of charges or by accessing our website