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Between October 15th and November 30th, 2018, CEC Bank run a promoting campaign by which students enrolled with an accredited university acting on the Romanian territory, for long-term high-level education, benefit of a 100% reduction for the monthly Benefit Plus Package fee throughout the studying period.

The Benefit Plus Package includes the following products and services:
- Current account in LEI
- Debit card account
- CEC Bank Mobile Banking Service
- Internet Banking CEConline Service
- CEC Bank Info SMS Service
- Direct Intra-banking Debit Service
- 3D SECURE Secured e-commerce Service

"By launching this promoting campaign, we meet the needs of students through a generous package of innovating products and services, as contactless cards or digital/face authentication mobile banking service. In this manner, we continue out actions supporting the education, as the involvement in “INVESTING IN YOU” Government Programme” has declared Mrs. Mihaela Popa, interim CEO and President of CEC Bank Board of Directors.

For more details on CEC Bank products and services, please contact us in any territorial agency or call us at 0.800.800.848 or access our website