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CEC Bank continues its policy of supporting the SME sector and announces the granting of Start-Up Nation Loans with the COSME guarantee, up to 50% of the financing. The COSME Loan Guarantee Facility (COSME LGF) is a guarantee instrument developed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and implemented through CEC Bank to provide loans to SMEs that, under standard conditions, would have limited access to finance.

"Through this approach, CEC Bank meets the Start-up programme clients with an easy and advantageous product, now offered under more flexible conditions, thanks to the COSME guarantee. Another benefit to our clients is the SME Start-Up Package, more than 80% of the clients attracted by the Bank in the Start-Up Nation Program also choosing this operational package", said Mr. Laurentiu Mitrache, General Manager - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEC Bank.

We recall that CEC Bank was selected by the Ministry of Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship as the partner bank for the distribution of the NFR for the implementation and management of funds under the Start-Up Nation Program. Thus, the Bank grants bridge loans at the request of the beneficiary companies, in order to cover the eligible expenses related to the business plans until the disbursement of minimis aid transfers of up to 200,000 lei.

Through the 48 SME and European Funds Counseling Offices within the Bank's territorial network, clients benefit from detailed information on the eligibility criteria, the required guarantees, etc., in order to choose the optimal financing product and the preparation of the loan file.

Additional information about the Bank's products and services can be obtained from any CEC Bank unit, or by calling the Customer Support Service at 0800800848 or by visiting the Bank's website at