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During this period, CEC Bank, the financial institution with the longest tradition and the largest network in Romania, takes special measures to facilitate the payment of pensions.

"We will ensure a high level of availability of CEC Bank territorial network, including a number of 250 units in the small urban and rural areas which will be operational between April 8th and 14th, so that over 400,000 customers who receive their pensions through CEC Bank will be able to access cash availability, "said Bogdan Neacsu, President - CEO of CEC Bank.

In addition, during this period, at the level of the entire network of territorial units, between 11:00 and 13:00, customers over 60 years of age will have priority in carrying out banking operations at both counter offices and ATMs., as per the provisions of the Military Ordinances.

Also, at the level of CEC Bank agencies, a series of measures have been implemented for the protection of employees and public, including: daily hygiene of the work areas, distribution of sanitary materials and protective materials for the personnel working with the public and the availability of hand sanitizers for customers, at the entrance of any bank agency. In addition, the number of persons present simultaneously inside an agency has been limited, so that we may maintain the safety limit of 1.5 meters between ay two individuals.

CEC Bank will ensure the quick payment of pensions to the clients' accounts, taking into consideration the state of emergency and the approaching Easter holidays. The bank will initiate the transfer to the clients' accounts immediately after collecting the pension amounts from the County Pensions Houses.

CEC Bank is one of the most important national pension payers, with over 400,000 such clients. The bank is present in 781 localities, of which over 60% in the rural area. CEC Bank has the largest territorial network with 1,024 agencies and 1,222 ATMs at the end of 2019.


About CEC Bank

CEC Bank is the Romanian bank with the longest tradition. Established in 1864, CEC Bank currently has over 2 million clients, the largest national network, with over 1,000 branches and agencies and assets of 29.3 billion lei, at the end of 2018.

CEC Bank is a top universal bank on the Romanian market, providing a complete range of products and services to natural persons, SMEs and large corporations, via multiple distribution channels: bank units, ATM networks, internet banking (CEConline), mobile banking and phone banking (Tele CEC).

The Romanian state, through the Ministry of Public Finance, is the sole shareholder of CEC Bank, and in November of this year (namely 2019), following the agreement of the European Commission, the bank's capital was increased by 940 million lei.

More details related to the products and services provided by CEC Bank can be obtained in any unit of the Bank, by calling the Customer Support Service, free of charge, at telephone number 0.800.800.848 or at website.