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- CEC Bank finances the MG TEC Industry Production Unit incorporation

CEC Bank and MG TEC Industry have signed a financing agreement in amount of about EUR 48M, aiming the incorporation of a Production Unit for the manufacturing of household and hygienic and sanitary absorbents from pulp and scrap paper....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, higher interest rates for the deposits lodged through remote banking operations

CEC Bank informs on granting of an interest rate bonus of 0.10 pp for RON deposits of natural and legal persons, with fixed interest rate, lodged through alternative banking service channels as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank - more than 10 300 transactions through the SelfPay Stations within the shopping centers during the first operation days of such Pay Stations

CEC Bank informs on the carry out of more than 10 300 transactions through SelfPay Stations located in the Bank agencies from Plaza Romania Shopping Center (Bucharest, 26 Timnisoara Avenue) and Park Lake Shopping Center (Bucharest, 4 Liviu Rebreanu St.), during a period of less than three operation weeks....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches the Subsequent Savings Deposit

CEC Bank launches a new savings product dedicated to the natural person customers, namely the Subsequent Savings Deposit in RON for a period of 12 months. The annual bonus interest on the launching date is of 2% a.p....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank increases the interest rate for RON deposits

On the occasion of the Centenary of the Great Union Day, CEC Bank increases the interest rate for fixed rate deposits in RON of natural persons constituted for 12, 24 and 36 months, deposits for children and fixed rate deposits in RON for legal persons constituted for 12 months, by one percentage point....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches RO-Patriot CENTENAR Credit

CEC Bank launches RO-Patriot CENTENAR Credit for Romanians living abroad who want to return to the country, to start a business project and thus support Romania's economy....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank announces the results of the 2018 "INVESTING IN YOU" Programme funded by the Government of Romania. Zero fees. Zero interest.

In only two weeks as of the date of launching the "INVESTING IN YOU" Programme, CEC Bank has received through its territorial units, more than 500 Funding Applications from potential customers, their number being in ongoing progress....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank and FLAME organize the first Financial Education Contest for Romanian children from Spain

Between October 22nd and 26th 2018, CEC Bank and the Lufkin Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Migration ("FLAME") run the first Financial Education Project for children of Romanian migrants in several Spanish schools, under the auspices of the Centennial Year 2018....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches the flat interest rate deposit in Lei for 36 months

CEC Bank launches a new savings product intended to natural persons, namely the Flat Interest Rate Deposit in Lei for 36 months. The interest rate subsidized is of 3% a.p. and the amounts are guaranteed by the Banking System Deposit Guarantee Fund. l...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, promoting campaign intended to students

Between October 15th and November 30th, 2018, CEC Bank run a promoting campaign by which students enrolled with an accredited university acting on the Romanian territory, for long-term high-level education, benefit of a 100% reduction for the monthly Benefit Plus Package fee throughout the studying period....[Detalii]