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- CEC Bank, partner in “2018 INVESTING IN YOU” Programme funded by the Romanian Government. Zero costs. Zero interest.

Continuing the policy of supporting the funding granted to natural persons, CEC Bank participates, as partner bank, in the “INVESTING IN YOU” Programme developed by the Ministry of Public Finances and the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches two anniversary deposits intended to the natural persons

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Romania Centenary and of the celebration of the World Savings Day (October 31st), CEC Bank launches two savings products belonging to the class of fixed-term interest deposits. ...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, promotional campaign for the Mastercard credit cards held by the natural persons

CEC Bank launches the promotional campaign with prizes for the Mastercard credit card given by CEC Bank. Thus, the first 3 000 new customers who acquire a Mastercard credit card between September 21st and December 31st, 2018, will promptly win a promotional product (bag, T-shirt, umbrella etc.)....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank and SelfPay launch the cash deposit service through ATM

CEC Bank and SelfPay, leader of the self-service terminal market, launch a new service available through SelfPay ATM from the Bank’s units, namely the cash deposit into the accounts of the CEC Bank’s customers....[Detalii]

- Mrs. Mihaela Popa takes the position of interim CEO and President of the Management Committee of CEC Bank

The CEC BANK SA shareholder, the Romanian State, represented by the Ministry of Public Finances, decided to amend the Bank’s Articles of Incorporation to the end of adopting the split management system (the separation of the position of President of the Board of Directors from the position of CEO and President of th...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank implements the face recognition facility in the Mobile Banking Application

CEC Bank goes on with the digitalization process and provides its customers with a new authentication mechanism based on the biometric element recognition....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank increases the interest rates related to fixed-term deposits

As of today, CEC Bank increases the rates of interests related to fixed-term deposits in Lei, for both natural and legal persons....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank funds the District 5 of Bucharest

CEC Bank and the Administration of the District 5 of Bucharest have concluded a Financing Agreement for an amount of about Lei 477 billions for refunding some older internal loans intended to different local development projects....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches the Multi-Credit Facility for legal persons

CEC Bank launches the Multi-Credit Facility, a financing method providing the legal person customers with the option to perform, within an approved revolving ceiling, a multitude of draws and repayments, with multiple destinations and/or currencies....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank supports the development of the projects with State aid as component

Under the circumstances of amending the GD No 807/2014 establishing certain State aid schemes with the object of stimulating investments that have a major impact on the economy, CEC Bank supports the legal entities that develop investment projects having a State aid as major component, by granting investment credit ...[Detalii]