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- CEC Bank introduces a new facility in Mobile Banking Application

CEC Bank continues the digitization and provides its customers with mechanisms of authentication based on biometric element recognition. Thus, starting with 11 July 2018, the Bank’s customers can authenticate themselves in Mobile Banking based on their digital impress stored in their Smartphones....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank eliminate the tax and duty payment related fees for natural persons until December 31st, 2018

During the period of time between June 11th and December 31st, 2018, CEC BANK meets the needs of the natural person taxpayers by a promotion through which the amounts representing payments of taxes, duties, contributions and other debts to the State budget or local budgets, as collected by public institutions, shall...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank - Press release on Bank activity in 2017

CEC Bank has ended 2017 with gross profit of Lei 222.7M, experiencing in this way the best financial performance of the last ten years, as a result of successful fulfilling of the strategies adopted by and constant efforts of  Bank’s team....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank opened a new branch in Olt County, in Deveselu commune

CEC Bank opened a new branch in Olt County, in Deveselu commune. The Bank has the widest territorial network that includes 1 022 units, out of which 480 are located in the rural environment. Through them, about 556 000 individual and legal entity customers are served....[Detalii]

- The CEC Bank Card type Visa Platinum, award winner within Romania Visa Annual Forum

During the Romania Visa Annual Forum event, CEC Bank was awarded the "Premium Product Launch" for its Visa Platinum card....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank eliminates the cash withdraw fee and the balance search fee for the standard debit cards

Starting with April 2nd of this year, CEC Bank eliminated the fees charged for the cash withdraw transactions made in Romania and on the European Union territory, as well as for the balance search operations made on the national territory, at the bank office desk (including POS) and at ATMs....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank continues the promotional campaign for Lei personal need loans and consumer roll-over facilities

CEC Bank continues until the June 30th of this year, the promotional campaign for personal need loans and consumer roll-over facilities with fixed interest rate....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank performs computer systems upgrade operations

CEC Bank informs its customers that starting Friday, 16.03.2018, 8:00 p.m., until Sunday, 18.03.2018, 9:00 p.m., it will perform computer systems upgrade operations, during which time Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services will not be available....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, new benefits for Mobile Banking app users

CEC Bank launched new facilities within the Mobile Banking platform, via which natural persons are able to pay their duties and taxes both towards the state budget and the local budgets, as well as the taxes on building, land, transportation means, self-employment income, rental and leasing activities, etc....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank - Promoting campaign intended to financing the current working capital needs

On March 31st of 2018, CEC Bank develops a promoting campaign intended to financing the current working capital needs....[Detalii]