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- CEC Bank issues Visa contactless cards

CEC Bank enlarges its range of banking products and services dedicated to the individual customers by launching the following contactless card products: Visa Classic Debit Card, Visa Classic Debit Card for Teenagers, Visa Platinum Credit Card....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches the VAT management account

Following the publishing of Ordinance no. 23/2017 regarding the split VAT payment, CEC Bank launches the VAT Account, designed for taxable legal entities registered as VAT payers. This product will be available to all clients as of 01.10.2017, according to the national regulations. ...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank launches SME Start-Up Package

CEC Bank launches the SME Start-Up Package for legal entities falling under the start-up category and established less than 12 months prior to applying for this package....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank, among the most valuable 50 Romanian brands

CEC Bank was ranked as the 13th in the rankings of the most valuable 50 brands, conducted by Brand Finance Romania. Released on Tuesday, august 29, 2003, the classification represents the first systematic and rigorous assessment of the most valuable national brands, from all sectors of the economy....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank continues to finance agriculture in partnership with APIA

CEC Bank continues to finance the agricultural sector by signing the partnership with the Agency for Payment and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) for the support schemes implemented by APIA in the 2017 Campaign (Single Area Payment Scheme - SAPS, Redistributive payment, Greening, Rural development compensation mea...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank - Press release on the Bank's activity in 2016 and in the first months of 2017

CEC Bank succeeded to maintain its position in the top of banks in the Romanian banking system in 2016, with a market share of 7.16% of total banking assets, given that the banking market in Romania was extremely dynamic in the acquisitions and mergers segment (operations that determine the immediate increase of the...[Detalii]

- CEC Bank continues the collaboration within the PROSME Consortium

In order to support the business internationalization of the SME’s customers or potential customers, CEC Bank has decided to continue the collaboration within the PROSME Consortium, during 2017 – 2018....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank is launching the Extreme Limit for the mobilization of the export receivables

CEC Bank extends the range of products and services intended to the SME’s customers and large companies through launching a new credit facility – The Extreme Limit for the mobilization of the export receivables....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank extends its special campaign related to personal needs loans and for the refinancing of consumer credits

CEC Bank defers up to 30.06.2017 its promotional campaign related to loans for personal needs and to the refinancing of consumer credits and also reduces the fixed interest margin for loans granted in a package with a credit card....[Detalii]

- CEC Bank extends the Promotional Campaign for the loans of investments in Lei intended to the legal persons

CEC Bank extends until 30.06.2017 the Promotional Campaign for the loans of investments in Lei intended to the legal persons....[Detalii]