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  • installation / maintenance of EPOS equipment
  • regular and upon request training of the personnel
  • on-line authorization service for the transactions operated, ensuring the 24/7 check of the validity of the cards by which clients wanted to pay.
  • the stickers signalizing visually the acceptance of VISA and MasterCard type cards to make the relevant payments
  • the consumables necessary to accept cards by using the electronic devices EPOS
  • Call Center for technical assistance for terminals

Online card acceptance (E-COMMERCE)

Acceptance of cards at the sale points equipped by the Bank with 3D Secure Card Acceptance at Virtual Sale/Cashing Points Solution (web site)

Service related to acceptance of payment by cards (EPOS) with variable interest
Interest *:
First Rate:
Monthly Administrative Commission:
Analysis commission:
Total refund:
Service related to acceptance of payment by cards (EPOS) with fixed interest
First Rate:
Month Administrative Commission:
Analysis commission:
Total rambursare:
  • Service related to acceptance of payment by cards, using EPOS devices: The clients, legal persons, whose activity includes the sale of goods and services, too, have the opportunity to widen the range of payment acceptance instruments used in their own stores. CEC BANK Services offer the most recognized card payment acceptance instrument for the activities imposing the physical presence of the card: acceptance of payment by card through the modern EPOS devices, certified for the acceptance of payment by cards equipped with microprocessors.
  • Comisioane și reguli acceptare la plată a cardurilor VISA și MasterCard Serviciul de acceptare la plată a cardurilor presupune plata unor comisioane către băncile emitente ale cardurilor, de către CEC BANK S.A. (Banca Acceptatoare) Informații privind comisioane și regulile de acceptare a cardurilor la comercianți pot fi consultate pe următoarele site-uri:MasterCard,Visa
  • Fees and acceptance rules relating to Visa and MasterCard cards. Card acceptance for payment service implies payment of certain fees to the card issuing banks, by CEC Bank S.A. (Accepting Bank). Information on fees and rules relating to card acceptance for payment by retailers can be consulted on the following websites: MasterCard: \ Visa:

Solutions to accept cards for payment, by using the electronic terminals (EPOS)

CEC Bank shall offer different solutions for cards and electronic terminals used to accept payment by cards, adapted to your needs. You may build up the configuration of the service you benefit in many ways:

  • a fixed or mobile terminal
  • a terminal connected to fixed telephone line or by GPRS (using Vodafone Network)
  • payment accepted in Lei or foreign currency (EUR)
  • upon request, supplementary files offering details concerning the operations developed using the card

Any service or terminal you choose, you will benefit of the following facilities:

  • company's endowment with EPOS, an automat and secured method to operate payments for goods and services sales by using cards
  • payment of the due amounts very efficiently, by transferring the necessary amounts into the accounts indicated by you, in term of maximum 2 business days from the date of the operation on EPOS
  • a complete assistance and support services package

Why you need such a Service:

  • currently, more and more clients want to pay by using a bank card
  • this payment method is a comfortable one, allowing also the use by them of the lending facility attached to the relevant cards;
  • if you do not accept the payment by card, you can limit your sales, preventing the clients to buy more from you
  • it is known statistically that the person buying and paying with a card usually buys more, not being limited by the cash amount available in his/her pocket, in such case being allowed to use his/her own resources and the loan granted by the bank;
  • more clients and bigger sale amounts

The Bank gives you a simple and rapid method to accept card by website, such facility offering you the following advantages:

  • possibility to collect the amounts afferent to products/services traded on the website, without the conditionality of strict timetable;
  • costs for opening and maintaining a virtual cash point are much lower than those involved by a traditional cash point;
  • integration of your firm in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code securing systems, being protected in this manner against frauds and unjustified refuses to payment;
  • installation/maintenance of a 3D Secure accustomed solution given to you by the Bank;
  • system of online authorization of the commercial operations performed, with the option to permanently verify the validity of cards used by your clients;
  • maximum expedite settlement of the amounts, in the account indicated by you within Z+1 time frame since the date of submitting the commercial operations for settlement;
  • specialized technical assistance of call center type, available for you 24h of 24 hours, seven days a week.

Other specifications:

  • the Bank shall install/certify, strictly from operating standpoint, the 3D Secure solution, not being in any manner involved in website design or in other technical functions of the website;
  • to cash the amounts, it is required opening of an account with the Bank units, with submission of the relevant documentation to this end;
  • the card acceptance for payment service via e-commerce platform shall be regulated by a special contract which will be sent to you, upon your request.


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