Direct Debit

With the Direct Debit Service, all your bills are automatically paid. The payments are no longer a concern, plus you have more time for yourself. With this service, the bank handles all your periodic payments: phone, gas, electric and other bills. 

How does it work?

First, you need to have a CEC Bank account and your service provider must be a CEC Bank partner.
Through this service you mandate the bank to pay all your bills for you. It is available for fixed amounts and for service providers that bill you differently every month. The bank will automatically access your invoices through your client code and automatically pay before the due date.
You can find all the CEC Bank partners below.
This service can be activated in our offices or through Internet Banking.


ZERO activation fee

ZERO fees for CEC Bank payments

Fees for other banks payments:

  • 2 lei - payments under 500 lei
  • 3 lei - payments between 500 and 50.000 lei
  • 4 lei - payments over 50.000 lei


CEC Bank direct debit partners:

  • Vodafone Romania S.A.
  • GDF SUEZ Energy Romania S.A.
  • Telekom Romania Communication S.A.
  • Apa Nova Ploiesti S.R.L.
  • Electrica Furnizare Transilvania Sud
  • Compania de Utilitâți Publice SA. Focsani
  • Aquatim
  • NN Asigurari, parte a NN Group
  • DigiRomania (RCS & RDS)
  • Compania de Apa Oltenia
  • Compania de Apa Arad
  • Enel Energie
  • Enel Energie Muntenia

Periodic payments

Do you have a monthly fixed recurring payment in lei or eur? With the programed payment service all your recurrent payments are secured.

You can set up the recurrence (monthly, every few months or every year) and the amount

You can activate this service in our offices or via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.


  • ZERO activation fee
  • ZERO fees for CEC Bank payments
  • Fees for other banks payments:  
    • 7 lei - payments under 500 lei
    • 12 lei - payments over 500 lei


Money records

If you work in an Bailiff's office, or in a professional civil society of bailiffs, or you are private person, you can save money every time you make Money Records operations (lei, euro or USD)

Types of money records:

  • judiciary
  • administration
  • special money records

Monedă: LEI, EURO or USD


Dobânzi: zero fees for Money Records

A money record can be made to one single person using the money record invoice.
The amount paid for a single person are imprescriptible.
The imprescriptible character of the amounts paid ends when the state takes the place of the payee with the owner's title.

Money Send

If you are a CEC Bank Mastercard user, you can send and receive money through ATMS from other Mastercard and Maestro users that are enrolled in the Money Send service.

Discover all the Money Send advantages:

  • No paperwork needed
  • ZERO fees for receiving money through CEC Bank’s ATM network
  • The service is available everywhere in Romania on all CEC Bank’s ATM network, and internationally
  • The money is transferred quickly

Countries where Money Send is available: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Polonia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Discover all the Money Send costs:

  • ZERO fees for CEC Bank payments
  •  Low fees for sending money:

                  - National transfers: 1 leu + 0,1%

                  - International transfers: 6,75 lei for any amount under 800 lei, 1,5% of the amount for transfers over 800 lei

Info SMS

You can receive SMS about all your current operations.

Discover all the InfoSMS advantages:

  • You can receive texts regarding all your transactions (ammout paid, date, location), available amount, money receiving, etc
  • You can receive texts regarding overdue payments for all your loans and notifications regarding amount owned or card lock alerts

Activation info:

  • In the CEC Bank Mobile Banking app
  • Through CEC Bank’s Call Center: 0 800 800 848
  • In every CEC Bank office, where you can fill all the paperwork needed to activate the Info SMS service

Discover all the InfoSMS costs:

  • 0,95 EUR/month/accounts for Romanian phone numbers or 3 EUR/month/account for international phone numbers
  • The service is available for free for all Mastercard World, Visa Platinum and Visa Gold users.

All the abroad payments are automatically converted and coommunicated with the corresponding lei amount, converted through the national foreign exchange rates.

Cash withdrawal

CEC Bank has a national ATM and epos network where you can withdraw cash with zero fees.

Discover all the cash withdrawal advantages:

The ATM network is available 24/7. You can withdraw cash with any Romanian or international Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards.

Through the EPOS network you can withdraw cash with any Romanian or international Visa or Maestro cards.

Discover all the cash withdrawal details:

The CEC Bank cash withdrawal network is certified for all Romanian or international chip cards.
CEC Bank has a network of over 1200 ATMs and over 1000 POSs, the largest national territorial coverage in the country.

Utilities payments through CEC Bank ATMs

Bill payments through our ATM network is a service exclusively available for the CEC Bank card customers.

Discover all the bill payments advantages:

  • Available without pre-registration
  • Available for free for the card users

Discover all the bill payments details:
You can pay bills from: RCS&RDS, Vodafone, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, Electrica Furnizare Transilvania Sud, ENEL Energie S.A., ENEL Energie Muntenia S.A., Aquatim Timisoara, Compania de Apa Oltenia, NN Asigurari de Viata, Omniasig.