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By CEC Bank SMS Info Service, if you are a Bank’s customer and a Visa or Mastercard credit card holder, you can receive messages about the operations made by card (the amount used, the date and time of the operation, the operation location), the available balance and any other payment and chashing operations from/into the account associated to the card.

You can receive a message after each operation made by using the card account or only in case of payment/cashing operations exceeding a certain amount. The Service is available on demand and it may be requested only by the card account titular.

The messages are transmitted by the Bank only once, at the moment of their authorisation through the mobile telephony operators: Vodafone Romania, Orange Romania, Telekom Romania and RCS/RDS. Messages transmission is made in real time, and usually they reach to the destination several minutes after the transfer from/into the account.

Operations by card initiated from abroad shall be communicated at the lei equivalent amount on the operation date, because the amount on the settlement date could be different according to the evolution of the exchange rate between the two calendar dates.

For operations by card, SMS shall be issued for all the cards associated to the acount in question, including the additional cards.

The SMS Info Service rate is 0.95 EUR / month / national numbers account or 3 EUR / month / international numbers account in RON equivalent on the day of collection. For Mastercard World, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards, the SMS Info Service for national numbers is free of charge.

At the same time, through this Service shall be delivered free of charge messages on the late payment notices for the loans accessed by card, notices on the payment amount and date for credit cards or notices on warning of blockage of the card use.

Request and file-in the activation form in any of the CEC Bank units. You can download here the subscription form and after you file-in it, submit it to the nearest CEC Bank unit.