The Center of Alternative Resolution of the Disputes in the banking field (CSALB) is an independent, apolitical, non profit and public interest entity.

The mission of CSALB is to manage the infrastructure necessary to the alternative resolution of the disputes (SAL) between consumers and the financial-banking institutions in balanced, reasonable, fast way and out of court.

The activity of CSALB is coordinated by a College consisted of four appointed members, one by ANPC (The Authority of the Consumer Protection), ARB (The Romanian Association of the Banks), BNR (The National Bank of Romania) and the associations of consumers and an independent member, selected by the four members appointed. The members of the College of Coordination do not have executive powers, they are independent in decision making and they are not involved in the resolution of the disputes.

The examination and the alternative resolution of the disputes are performed by the persons enumerated in the List of the CSALB Conciliators - experts in the field, reputable, independent and impartial.

Clarifications on access to services and the functioning of the Centre for Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution (CSALB)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures/SAL (with proposed settlement/conciliation or imposed settlement/arbitration) are free for consumers and the settlement is pronounced within 90 days.
  • Only individual consumers can complain to CSALB and may file/submit a request for the alternative resolution of a dispute with a trader (bank, IFN, pawnbroker, mutual aid house, etc., i.e. any entity operating on the territory of Romania, with its activity regulated, authorized and supervised/monitored by the National Bank of Romania).
  • Consumers can call the CSALB's free services or they may be represented by lawyers (in this case, the fee is borne by consumers). They may also be represented by consumer protection associations they are part of or by other third parties (in the latter case also a power of attorney is required).
  • Consumers are the ones opting for one of the two procedures administered by CSALB, procedures completed with the proposal or imposing the settlement (conciliation or arbitration). However, traders must agree to enter one of these procedures (as these are voluntary).
  • The settlements proposed by the Conciliators to CSALB may differ from court sentences. At the same time, involvement in a SAL procedure does not preclude the consumer from subsequently addressing to a court.
  • Litigations where a final court or arbitration award has already been pronounced will no longer be examined by the SAL Center, if the case is the same as in the court. If, however, there are other issues/requirements that have not been addressed in the court file, then the consumer may address to CSALB. Also, and if there is a pending case for which no further award has been pronounced, consumers can address the SAL Center for amicable settlement.

For further details regarding the CSALB activity you may access the presentation from here, you may call at 021 9414 (number with normal tariff) or you may access the official site of the institution,




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