Foreign exchange market

CEC Bank provides its clients with the possibility to make foreign currency exchange operations at consolidated or negotiated exchange rates, with settlement at sight or on term. What are the benefits you can enjoy?

  • The CEC Bank exchange rates are permanently updated to reflect the significant movements of the interbanking foreign currency market
  • The CEC Bank clients may also choose for launching foreign exchange orders at limited rate in view of an efficient management of the foreign currency risk

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Money market

DRDN deposits deposits in lei or in foreign currency, established for a period of up to one year, with the interest rate negotiated.


Fixed-income financial instruments

As an alternative to classical investment products, CEC Bank offers to its customers the possibility to sell and buy Government Securities both in National and foreign currency.
What are the benefits you can enjoy?

  • these investment instruments allow the diversification of investments under minimum risk conditions and advantageous interest
  • constitute important instruments of efficient administration of cash
  • offers the possibility to invest on a short, medium and long term
  • anytime the customers can opt for partial or total re buying of securities portfolio

How can individuals and legal persons make operations with Government Securities through CEC Bank:

  • they should have an account opened with CEC Bank
  • they should fill in an account opening form for Government Securities
  • they should complete the documentation to start the business relation with the Bank regarding the transaction of Government Securities with the Bank

Government Securities are documents released by the Ministry of Public Finances in dematerialized form and stand for a financial debt over the issuer being unconditioned and expressly guaranteed by the Romanian State.

Within the secondary market of the Government Securities, CEC Bank offers its customers the following services:

  • Selling/Buying Government Securities with Today, Tomorrow, Spot and Forward reimbursement date
  • Reversible selling/reversible buying (the commissions CEC Bank for the above services are 0)
  • Transfer operations
  • Guarantee contracts with Government Securities (gauge)

List of individual commissions

List of commissions for legal entities

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