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Terms and conditions of use - Garmin Pay

CEC Bank S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the “Bank” or “CEC Bank”) is a credit institution established in Romania, with headquarters in Bucharest, Calea Victoriei no. 13, District 3, phone: 021.314.28.68, fax: 021.310.09.11, Trade Register no. J40 / 155/1997, Bank Register no. RB-PJR-40-046 / 17.09.1999, share capital 2,290,661,600 lei, VAT code RO 361897, CUI 361897.

CEC Bank allows the payment with eligible CEC Bank cards (hereinafter referred to “CEC cards”) in Garmin Pay App (hereinafter referred to as “Garmin Pay”). Details on CEC cards eligible for registration and use in Garmin Pay are available in the dedicated section of these Terms.

Details about Garmin Pay and what is Garmin, are also available on

Please read carefully the "Terms and Conditions" (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) governing the CEC card registration, activation and use in Garmin Pay.

In case of any inconsistency between the terms of your Garmin account and these Terms, the latter will apply to payments made with the CEC card in Garmin Pay.

If you wish to further read these Terms, you can access our site-, at the section, la sectiunea

These Terms apply only to CEC card use in Garmin Pay.

Prezentii Termeni nu se aplica pentru serviciile/produsele contractate/achizitionate de la These Terms do not apply to the services / products contracted / purchased from the supplier of the device you are using, of the mobile network and from other sites or services belonging to third parties and which are integrating or allowing the provision of Garmin Pay. These are third parties in relation to CEC Bank and have their own contracts which you must comply with when you provide information about yourself, when you use their services or when you visit their websites. CEC Bank is not responsible for the legality of providing / supplying the products / services of the device provider and / or of third-parties, nor for the security, accuracy, legality or any other aspect of the relevant products / services offered by them.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the provisions of the contracts made available by these third parties before creating, activating or using your CEC card in Garmin Pay.

We are not responsible and we do not provide any support or assistance for any third party hardware, software or other products or services (including Garmin Pay and your device). If you have any questions or problems with a product or service offered by Garmin or a third party, please contact the relevant supplier / third party for support.

Subject to the General Business Conditions of CEC Bank applicable to CEC Card, you agree that the features and functionality of Garmin Pay may be automatically improved or updated without any prior notice. We may decide at any time to extend, reduce or suspend the type and / or number of transactions allowed using a CEC card in Garmin Pay or to modify the process of CEC card registration in Garmin Pay.

There are CEC cards eligible for registration and use to payment in Garmin Pay. Cards issued by CEC Bank under Visa brand, regardless of whether these are debit or credit cards, and whether these are issued on the name of a client natural person or legal entity.

Both CEC cards issued on the name of the card holder, as well as on the name of the designated holder, can be registered in Garmin Pay, by complying with the provisions of CEC card registration in Garmin Pay section of these Terms.

In order to use your CEC card in Garmin Pay you must first own or create a Garmin account, generated according to Garmin requirements. At the same time, you need a compatible device.

You may add the same CEC card to multiple devices, at the same time. The device provider may establish limitations or restrictions on the use of Garmin Pay and / or may issue minimum software and hardware requirements for the compatible device used. Compatible device means any smartwatch, bracelet, smartphone or other type of device which allows payments via Garmin Pay. Compatible devices are those listed as such on the Garmin website -

You agree to use the CEC card only with a device properly fitted for Garmin Pay and to comply with all applicable terms and requirements for Garmin Pay. You need to contact your device provider directly to find out if your device is compatible for use in Garmin Pay.

Before registration in Garmin Pay, you need to make sure that only your password / security details are related to the CEC card you want to use in Garmin Pay on the relevant device. Said password / security details will be used to authorize transactions with the CEC card issued on the name of the card holder.

CEC Bank is not responsible in any way for the requirements of Garmin or third parties with which Garmin collaborates when establishing the requirements related to the Garmin account creation or to compatible devices.

Prior to entering your CEC card details in Garmin Pay, you will be prompted to set a password / security details, which you will than use to access Garmin Pay. The conditions, cases and frequency with which you will be asked to enter this password / security details are established the Garmin Pay provider.

If you know or think that the password you have set has been compromised (for instance, it has been acquired by other people), we recommend that you change it immediately.

Please contact CEC Bank urgently at the telephone number printed on the back of the CEC card, at least in the following cases:

  • If the CEC card you registered in Garmin Pay is lost or stolen, contact us immediately and let us know that it is also registered in Garmin Pay.
  • If your device is lost, stolen or used without your consent

CEC Bank assumes no responsibility for payments made with the CEC card registered in Garmin Pay until we are informed with regard the occurrence of one of the aforementioned events or until the card locking is requested.

CEC Bank accepts no liability for the case where the CEC card was used for payments via Garmin Pay based on your password which was used by other persons, regardless if you communicated it or it was found in any way, without your consent.

In order to prevent the occurrence of events like the aforementioned ones, we recommend the following:

  • keep the device at all times safe and in your possession
  • keep the security information and password of the device secured and known only by you
  • set passwords / security details for your CEC card in Garmin Pay different than those used for the physical CEC card
  • do not keep CEC cards in physical form and / or the details of CEC cards together with the device used
  • if you start using a new device, delete all the cards and other personal data from the old device. For details on how to proceed, follow the instructions of the device provider.

You undertake to cooperate with CEC Bank and / or any competent authority for the prevention of any type of fraud, or for conducting any investigations that would be carried out regarding the use of your CEC card registered in Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay and your device may use certain features and security procedures to protect against unauthorized use of any card. These functionalities and procedures belong exclusively to the device provider. By registering your CEC card in Garmin Pay you agree not to disable any of these security features and use them to protect all CEC cards registered in Garmin Pay. CEC Bank does not control these security methods and is not responsible for how Garmin and / or your device provider are using them.

After setting the password / security details, you will be prompted to enter the card details you want to register in Garmin Pay, respectively: card number, card expiry date, card holder name, as it is written on the card, CVV code, as well as the postal address. All this data (personal data) are required by the Garmin Pay provider to allow you to use for payment the CEC card via this App.

To ensure that the person trying to register a CEC card in Garmin Pay is entitled to request this registration, it will be necessary for CEC Bank to verify the identity of that person. To this end, in order to complete the CEC card registration in Garmin Pay, after entering the card data in this App, as the case may be, the holder of a card issued on the name of a natural person or the designated user of the legal person on whose name the CEC card was issued must contact the Bank at telephone numbers (021) 202.69.99 / 315.71.00. , where they will be asked for information meant to ensure the Bank such person’s identification and allow the corresponding token to be set for the CEC card to be used in Garmin Pay.

The token is a virtual representation of the CEC card whose Garmin Pay registration is desired. The token is set by CEC Bank based on the information about the device used to access the Garmin account, as this information is made available to the Bank through Garmin and / or the third parties with which it collaborates.

The refusal to provide this information, some of which are personal data, will make it impossible to complete the registration of the CEC card in Garmin Pay and the card use for payment in the relevant App will not be possible.

After completing the registration of the CEC card in Garmin Pay, this card can be used for payments.

The use of CEC cards in Garmin Pay for the purchase of goods and services is governed by the terms and conditions of the CEC card, which are an integral part of the General Business Conditions of the CEC Bank.

You are also responsible for all uses and transactions made with the CEC card in Garmin Pay by third parties to whom you have given voluntary or involuntary access to your card, including if these third parties misuse any card or Garmin Pay.

These Terms govern the access and use of the CEC card in Garmin Pay only between you, as a CEC card holder and the Bank.

The provider of devices with which payments can be made through Garmin Pay, as well as the Garmin Pay Appprovider or third parties with whom they collaborate may deploy their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. Please note that you are subject to such terms and conditions or privacy policies when using Garmin products and services. CEC Bank assumes no responsibility for the way in which Garmin and / or the third parties with which it collaborates are using the information you make available to them, nor for your personal data that they process in the context of the services they offer or when you visit their websites.

a. CEC card payments via Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay allows you to make contactless payments with a registered card, at POS installed at different merchants, through the device you use. By selecting a virtual card and placing the device you are using near a contactless POS terminal at a merchant's location, you authorize the payment for the merchant's products or services.

b. Viewing information and payments made with the CEC card in Garmin Pay

The Bank offers you information about the payments made with your Garmin registered CEC card, in the ways agreed with the Bank (for instance, statement of account, Internet Banking, at CEC Bank agencies, etc). This information will be highlighted as payments made with the relevant CEC card, without indicating that the payments were made via Garmin Pay. Garmin Pay can also give you access to information about payments made via Garmin Pay with the CEC card. About the existence of such option, as well as information regarding this option will be provided by Garmin.

c. Stopping the use of CEC card in Garmin Pay

The deletion of the CEC card data from Garmin Pay does not influence in any way the possibility that this card will continue to be used for payments, according to the Terms of card use, an integral part of the General Business Conditions of CEC Bank. CEC Bank is not responsible if your data and / or your CEC card are used by Garmin or by third parties with whom it collaborates for purposes other than those related to making payments via Garmin Pay, nor for the period when you use this CEC card in Garmin Pay, not even after it was removed from Garmin Pay.

You can remove any of the CEC cards from Garmin Pay at any time by pressing the appropriate button or link available in the App on your device or by calling the phone number on the back of the CEC card. In these circumstances, you authorize CEC Bank to continue processing any outstanding transactions on the CEC card.

In addition to any rights to cease the use of a CEC card and / or the card account attached to it, as established by the General Business Conditions of the CEC Bank, the Bank reserves the right to entirely stop offering the possibility of use of CEC cards in Garmin Pay

Also, the Bank has the right to block, restrict, suspend or stop offering the possibility of using any CEC card in Garmin Pay if the Terms, General Business Conditions of CEC Bank, the requirements specified in the card agreements, the Garmin Pay terms are not observed or if any fraudulent or inappropriate card activity in Garmin Pay or in other payment method is being suspected.

In addition, if the device provider and / or the Garmin Pay App provider blocks, restricts, suspends, or interrupts the use of the Garmin Pay App and / or changes its functionality, the Bank will not be liable towards its customers who have registered their CEC cards in Garmin Pay or towards third parties.

Currently, CEC Bank does not charge any fees for the use of your CEC card in Garmin Pay. If, in the future, CEC Bank will decide to charge such fees, it will notify its clients with at least two months prior to starting applying such fees.

Please keep in mind, however, that the provider of your Garmin Pay device, and / or third parties with whom it collaborates may charge fees, establish limitations and restrictions which could affect your use of any CEC card in Garmin Pay, such as, but without limitation to the use of data or fees related to text messaging imposed by the mobile communications service provider. You are solely responsible for paying such fees and you agree to observe any limitations or restrictions established.

The access, use and maintenance of the virtual CEC card depend on Garmin Pay and the network of your internet provider. The Bank does not operate Garmin Pay or such networks and has no control over their operations. CEC Bank will not be responsible for any situation which interrupts, hinders or otherwise impacts the functioning of any CEC card in Garmin Pay, as well as, but not limited to the unavailability of Garmin Pay service or Internet service, communications service, network delays, limitations of Internet network coverage, system outages.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms at any time, in accordance with the provisions of the General Business Conditions of CEC Bank.

We will notify you with regard to the changes made to these Terms by e-mail or other communication method specified in section XIII below. You will also be able to view the revised Terms on your device. If you do not agree with the revised Terms, you will be entitled to remove any of the CEC cards from Garmin Pay, at any time.

In connection with the activation and use of the CEC card in Garmin Pay, the Bank may need to contact you. For this purpose, any of the contact details of the cardholder will be used - correspondence / home address, e-mail address, telephone number, as found in the CEC Bank records.

CEC Bank is processing as operator the personal data of CEC card holders who wish to complete their registration in Garmin Pay as mentioned in these Terms, respectively in order to identify the persons authorized to request this registration (details in section VI of these Terms) and / or if it is necessary to contact them regarding the CEC cards registered in Garmin Pay (details in sections XI and XII of these Terms).

The personal data processed in the context of making payments with CEC cards in Garmin Pay are subjected to the provisions of the personal data processing section of General Business Conditions of CEC Bank.

Personal data processed by Garmin and / or third parties under the conditions of payment withCEC Bank cards in Garmin Pay are subjected to the conditions of the privacy policies of these entities. CEC Bank assumes no responsibility for the way they understand to process the personal data of holders of CEC card registered in Garmin Pay.