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Terms and conditions of use - Card2Card Transfer

The Terms and Conditions for Clients (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") represent a legal contract concluded between CEC Bank S.A., a credit institution established in Romania, with headquarters in Bucharest, Calea Victoriei no. 13, District 3, phone: 021.314.28.68, fax: 021.310.09.11, Trade Register no. J40 / 155/1997, Bank Register no. RB – PJR – 40–046 / 17.09.1999, share capital of 2,290,661,600 lei, VAT code RO 361897, Tax ID Code CUI 361897 and you (the “Client”).

We recommend that you read these Terms in full before deciding whether to accept and continue the registration process. If you do not agree with any of the provisions of the Terms or of the Notification regarding the processing of personal data included in the Card2Card Transfer App, please do not access, browse or use the App nor the software, services, information, materials or other such elements included in the App.

If, at any time following the registration in Card2Card Transfer App, you decide that you do not agree with these Terms, please uninstall the App.


The terms and conditions of Card2Card Transfer App use, as specified in this document, are and will be governed and construed according to the Romanian law.

The Terms are establishing how you can use the cards in Card2Card Transfer App. The Terms are supplemented by the General Business Conditions of CEC Bank. All these documents are available on the bank's websites -

In order to be able to use the App, respectively to be able to view and / or enjoy the services included in the App, it is necessary to have at least one debit card issued to a natural and / or legal person.

By registering in the App you confirm that you are 18 years old and that you have not been denied the right to use a service like the one provided by Card2Card Transfer.

CEC Bank takes all possible actions against the inappropriate use of this App and its facilities. CEC Bank will monitor your use of the App to ensure that it complies with these Terms and that the services are not used in an abusive manner.

Card2Card Transfer is a secure computer App, in the form of a digital wallet, accessible via a mobile phone with Internet connection, where users can operate the following:

  • add cards issued on their name by financial-banking institutions;
  • add loyalty cards issued by merchants;
  • money transfers to cards issued by banks from the countries specified in Paragraph 3.3;
  • viewing the details of the cards added in the App and the transactions executed with these cards;
  • setting the receipt of push notifications for transactions executed with physical cards and with cards registered in the App.

Details about the Card2Card Transfer App and its functionality are available to the users on

The App can be used on iOS and Android operating systems and needs to be installed from dedicated stores (Google Play Store - for Android, respectively App Store for iOS).

CEC Bank reserves the right to add new functionalities of the App, with regard to which it will notify users within the App.

3.1. User registration and identification

In order to register in the Card2Card Transfer App and create an account, the user must provide the following mandatory information: name and first name; e-mail address, mobile phone number, validated by entering the code received by SMS and the PIN code which the client wishes to use to access the App;

3.2. User’s authentication to access and use Card2Card Transfer

The authentication in the App is based on the PIN code set when creating the user account.

3.3. Card registration

In Card2Card Transfer App, the users can add only debit cards issued by financial-banking institutions:

a) natural person - cards issued on the name of the holder and the additional cards (card issued by the bank on the client's account, at the latter’s request, on the name of a third person designated by the client), registered as such in the bank system;

b) legal entity - the cards issued on the name of card users.

Financial-banking institutions whose debit and credit cards can be used through the Card2Card Transfer App are from: Romania, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark , Finland, Austria.

Below are described the features available in the Card2Card Transfer App. These can be supplemented with new features, communicated on the webpage

A) Money transfers

Money transfers through Card2Card Transfer App will allow users to initiate money submissions, money requests to / from user-edited phone numbers, which are / are not saved in the phone book (who are or are not Card2Card Transfer users) and transfers between cards.

Additional details are available at:

Transfers (money submission, money request) are limited by daily thresholds on the card, both as amount and as number of transactions:

  • in case of national transfers: minimum 10 lei / transaction, maximum 4500 lei / day / card and maximum 6500 lei / month / card, maximum 5 transactions / day / card and maximum 15 transactions / month / card;
  • in case of international transfers: minimum 10 lei / transaction, maximum 4500 lei / day / card and maximum 6500 lei / month / card, maximum 10 transactions / day / card and maximum 20 transactions / month / card.

Transfers (money submission, money request) are charged as follows:

  • Payments made between cards issued by CEC Bank are free;
  • Payments made from debit cards to cards issued by other banks in the country and abroad are charged with 3 lei per transaction;
  • Payments made from credit cards to cards issued by other banks in the country and abroad are charged with 7 lei per transaction;
  • Receipts are free.

For each transaction, the user is informed regarding the value of the fee, his/her acceptance being required in this regard.

B) Transaction history visualization

The user can view the transactions made through the Card2Card Transfer application by choosing the "Transaction history" option from the main menu.

In order to use Card2Card Transfer App, at the time of registration you must represent and warrant the following:

  • that you have the right, authority and full exercise capacity to access and use the App;
  • that you are the holder of the cards you add in the Card2Card Transfer App;
  • that you will not communicate the PIN code of the App to a third person, given that by disclosing it you will be exposes to the risk that the payment cards registered in the App could be used by other persons. You are solely responsible for keeping the confidentiality and security of the data entered in the Card2Card Transfer App and the PIN code of the App. Moreover, you are responsible for activities of any kind operated in your account;
  • that you undertake to notify us immediately with regard to any unauthorized use of your account or any breach of account security that you become aware of or which you should reasonably suspect. However, regardless of this notification, we will not be liable for any losses you may incur as a result of unauthorized use of your account. (regardless of whether such use occurs with or without your knowledge);
  • that you must to notify us in case of disappearance, loss or theft of the mobile phone on which the Card2Card Transfer App is installed;
  • that you will not falsify or provide incorrect information about your identity or intentions regarding anything which would be related to the App;
  • that you will not send, distribute or provide any information or materials which are wholly or partly illegal, false, fraudulent or inadequate, offensive or violating public order and good morals;
  • that you will ensure and maintain the physical and logical security of the phone, according to the manufacturer's specifications and good practices;
  • that you will update the operating system according to the manufacturer's specifications and that you will use only the official versions of the operating system as provided by the manufacturer;
  • that you will not disable the security protections of the operating systems recommended by the telephone manufacturer;
  • that you will install Card2Card Transfer App only from the dedicated stores - Google Play Store and App Store, Romania, published by CEC Bank;
  • that you will not to install Apps from unofficial sources, such being possible to compromise the security of the App;
  • that you will not violate any right provided by law, property rights, intangible rights, the right of confidentiality or personal data of others;
  • that you will not use the content of the App to resell, distribute or exploit the services rendered;
  • that you will access the accounts opened on your name as user of the physical activity monitoring apps and you will keep the confidentiality of these data;

    In order to use the App, you acknowledge that you have read these Terms, that you agree to these and the processing of the personal data specified in the Notification regarding the processing of personal data within the Card2Card Transfer App;

  • by using the App you will not violate any law or regulation of the country in which you live, the responsibility for complying with all applicable local laws and regulations resting solely with you.

The termination of Card2Card Transfer use by the user may occur in the following situations:

a) at the initiative of the user, by uninstalling the App from his/her device;

b) at the initiative of the bank, if it is found that the user does not comply with the rules of an appropriate conduct, a fact which may cause prejudices of any kind to the bank, as well as with the present Terms;

We may also suspend or change Card2Card Transfer immediately, for any reason, including when the App requires repair or maintenance works. We can add new functions periodically and we have no obligation to offer any specific function through Card2Card Transfer App. We can withdraw Card2Card Transfer, but in this case we will notify with at least 30 days in advance.

We are entitled to change these Terms at any time by publishing the modified Terms in the Card2Card Transfer App. In this case the users will be notified through the App with at least 2 months before the proposed date when such changes come into force. The term of 2 months will not apply to the changes imposed by the implementation of new legal provisions, such changes being implemented according to the date of relevant regulation entry into force. The use of the App after the change implementation date will be deemed as implicit acceptance of the new Terms.

In case, additional Services made available in the App will be implemented, these services will be subject to the same rules and conditions as included in these clauses, if said services will not be accompanied by different terms.

The user expressly declares that he/she is aware that all graphic creation, App content and accessed audio-video materials are the property of the Bank. The information, graphic elements owned by other entities, which are the property of partners, are exempted from this clause.

The user agrees that any software used in connection with the services provided via the App contains confidential information that is under ownership right, being protected by the laws regarding the intellectual, industrial property and other applicable laws.

The user undertakes not to reproduce, copy, sell or operate the services, information and / or audio-video materials to which he has access as a result of using this App, in whole or in part.

The user is forbidden to modify, copy, rent, transfer, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative materials based on the services or programs used within the App.

We provide Card2Card Transfer App is provided only for your personal use.

You agree to the fact that the App will not be supplied free of errors or continuously, that some flaws will not be rectified at the time of their occurrence.

The user of the App is responsible for the use of the App. CEC Bank cannot be held responsible for the effects generated due to the use of the App by the user or third parties, the costs generated by the use of the App or by the access of third parties to certain personal and / or confidential information or personal data through the App. In order to limit potential damages caused by the use of the App by third parties, CEC Bank recommends that you do not alienate / lend your phone, disclose the method of unlocking the device and give your card to other persons.

CEC Bank cannot control the operating system of the phone used by you. Thus CEC Bank is not responsible for any damages caused to the mobile phone, including but without limitation to any security breach determined by viruses, errors, frauds, falsification, omissions, interruptions, malfunctions, delays in operations or transmissions, computerized lines or failure of the network or any other technical malfunction.

As such, we will not be liable for any loss or damage that we or you could not foreseen within reasonable limits on the date you started using Card2Card Transfer or which is not under our control.

Also, we will not be liable for:

a. any loss or damage (moral or patrimonial) due to non-compliance with these Terms;

b. the accuracy of the data included in the Apps, the availability or reliability of any information, content made available by any third party App, for example the physical activity monitoring apps. As such, we are not liable for any damages or losses caused or presumed to be caused by or in connection with the use of or dependence on such third party Apps;

c. the health issues which could result from the use of these devices and Apps or the physical exercises performed by the user;

d. any loss or corruption of your data, where such loss or corruption is not caused by us or is not under our control within the reasonable limits. Also, we would like to advise you that CEC Bank is not liable to you and / or to third parties for any direct or indirect damages, including, but not limited to loss of profit, unrealized gains and / or inability to exploit business opportunities or any other similar losses suffered by you as a result of the lack of App or services use or inadequate quality of the services.

In case of a dispute/ misunderstanding regarding the use of the App, we will try to solve the relevant dispute amicably, the negotiations in this regard being governed by our good faith.

All disputes will be settled by the competent courts in Romania, except in cases where the legislation in force specifies another exclusive jurisdiction for you.

Conflicts, disputes and misunderstandings regarding the signing, implementation, execution and modification of the contracts concluded between clients and the Bank will be solved by the parties amicably, by means of alternative dispute resolution:

  • natural persons: Alternative Settlement, Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration Center (CSALB,
  • legal persons: mediation, conciliation, arbitration,

and where an amicable settlement, agreed by both parties, is not reached, the settlement of disputes regarding the signing, implementation, execution and modification of the contracts concluded between clients and the Bank will be forwarded to the competent courts according to the applicable laws.

If you have any problems with the operation of Card2Card Transfer, you can contact us by calling the phone number (004) 021. 202.69.99 / 315.71.00.

“Force Majeure” may be claimed by any of the contracting parties, according to the conditions provided by Law 287/2009 on the Civil Code.

CEC Bank is not liable to the user for failure to fulfill any obligation in case of force majeure / unforeseeable circumstances and, in general, in case of an event that is beyond its control, as well as for the operation and connection of other national or foreign networks and generally for their activities and actions.

Force majeure event/ unforeseeable circumstances may be, for example, but not limited to: war (whether declared or not), armed conflict, revolution, insurrection, military or terrorist actions or threats, sabotage, civil unrest, strikes or other labor related actions, laws, regulations, decisions or directives, natural disasters, earthquake, fire, explosion, solar or meteorological disturbances, public emergencies or any other event that is beyond the control of the Bank.


If you agree with the use of Card2Card Transfer under the conditions specified in the terms of use and in the notification regarding the processing of personal data, select "Accept and continue" option in the App.

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