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Starting with April 03rd, 2017, the operations with checks are performed in the units presented in the attached list. Also, we remind the fact that starting with January 01st, 2016; the checks were eliminated from the CEC Bank offer. In order to benefit from attractive interests, we invite you to transfer the amounts from checks on other saving products. Our staff will be at your disposal and will provide you the necessary support in order to identify the most advantageous solution for you.

Press release, news, events

CEC Bank, preferential exchange rate for foreign exchange transactions through remote banking operations

Ms. Mihaela Popa, rewarded in the "Women Changing Romania" Gala

Ms. Gratiela Constantin, speaker and moderator within the Tax Services Forum for the Financial Services Industry

CEC Bank finances the MG TEC Industry Production Unit incorporation

CEC Bank, holder of Highest Growth in Credit Award for the results obtained by Visa Platinum credit card

CEC Bank, higher interest rates for the deposits lodged through remote banking operations

CEC Bank, a presence at the spring edition of the Tourism Fair of Romania

CEC Bank, rewarded for launch of the RO-Patriot Centennial Loan

CEC Bank - more than 10 300 transactions through the SelfPay Stations within the shopping centers during the first operation days of such Pay Stations

CEC Bank increases the interest rate for RON deposits

Radu Gratian Ghetea, "Lifetime Achievement in Banking" Award

Mrs. Mirela Iovu and Mrs. Iuliana Iorga, rewarded within 2018 Lady Lawyer Gala

CEC Bank, rewarded with "Public Vote" Award

CEC Bank is participant in the fall edition of the Romania Tourism Fair

CEC Bank launches RO-Patriot CENTENAR Credit

CEC Bank planted oaks in the forestation action called "Planting Good Deeds in Romania"

The Romanian banking industry has adopted the new Code of Conduct

Credit cards from CEC Bank, awarded at the Gala "Financial Leaders' Hall of Fame in 2018

CEC Bank, present at Indagra Trade Fair 2018

CEC Bank announces the results of the 2018 "INVESTING IN YOU" Programme funded by the Government of Romania. Zero fees. Zero interest.


ATTENTION ! Be vigilant and protect your electronic identity!

Do not answer requests to disclose PINs, passwords, data entered on your debit or credit card, personal data of identification - even if those persons who contact you recommend themselves as being employees of CEC Bank - or any other security information on your cards, except in the case when you, personally, contact the Bank and you are prompted for such identity checking information (even in these situations, you must not reveal your PIN codes or current passwords for Internet Banking or 3D secure).


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