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Mrs Vice-President Mirela Iovu awarded within “Woman in Power 2014” festivity

On Wednesday the current year Mrs. Mirela Iovu, Vice-president of CEC Bank, was granted an award within “Woman in Power 2014” Festivity.


Radu Gratian Ghetea, the "Banker of the Year 2013”

Thursday, on 30th January 2014, in the Men of the Year 2013 Awards Gala, the daily magazine Nine O'Clock has awarded Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea with the distinction "Banker of the Year 2013"...


CEC Bank was awarded the ANEIR Grand Prize for the fourth year in a row

On Friday, December 13th, 2013, CEC Bank was awarded the ANEIR Grand Prize for exceptional performance in the exporters’ post-recession period (2009-2013).


Starting with 8 October 2012, CEC Bank offers the introductive interest for the new natural person customers who access an overdraft cap attached to a debit card and/or a lending limit attached to a credit card. For the customers who will benefit of loan by card limits in lei, the interest rate shall be ROBOR 3M + 0 p.p. (interest index in lei + Bank margin) for a period of 6 months since the date of activating the relevant limit.

Products for accessing european funds

Pre-financing of the grant and co-financing the eligible expenditures afferent to the projects with european financing.

Time deposit

Contul Privilegiu CEC BankFixed interest rate during the period of the constitution of the deposit.


Discount program offered to users of debit or credit cards issued by CEC Bank.

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