Loan guarantee deposits (cash collateral)


Benefits Attractive interest for the amounts constituted as guarantees Quick credit application settlement Simplification of the credit access procedure The guarantor can be the client himself or a third party, natural or legal person Characteristics It is a way of guaranteeing loans The constitution of the collateral cash is made by making unavailable amounts in lei or foreign currency by the credit guarantor, starting with the date of entry into force of the guarantee contract until the date of payment of all the client's obligations towards the bank. interest


Collateral deposit made up of legal entities to guarantee loans and letters of bank guarantee:

- 1 month - LEI: 0.25%, USD: 0.10%, EUR: 0.05%

- 3 months - LEI: 0.25%, USD: 0.10%, EUR: 0.05%

- 6 months - LEI: 0.25%, USD: 0.10%, EUR: 0.05%

- 9 months - LEI: 0.25%, USD: 0.10%, EUR: 0.05%

- 12 months - LEI: 0.25%, USD: 0.10%, EUR: 0.05%

Deposits for certified checks: 0,00% (lei)

Guarantee deposits for management guarantees


Benefits Facilitates the activity of the financial-accounting department of the company by recording the guarantees and the afferent interests for each manager. It offers the possibility to fund the deposit accounts of the managers by importing an electronic file. Convenience and confidentiality. Characteristics It is intended for companies, authorities or public institutions. The account is opened according to the provisions of the law on hiring managers both for the bank's clients and for the clients of legal entities with a current account at another bank. It offers you the highlighting of the material guarantees of your employees, who have the quality of managers. The guarantees established are highlighted in deposit accounts for each manager. The refund of the amounts is made with your agreement in favor of the manager or in your favor in case of an enforceable title obtained against the manager.