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CEC participated in the first fair for workplaces in the banking sector - BankingJobs. The event was organized by Multi Media Net, editor of the and websites, and was held during 21-22 November 2007 at Sala Palatului (Palace Hall) in Bucharest. Our bank had its own stand and promoted employment offers along with nine other major banks in Romania. 

“The BankingJobs Fair will provide all those wishing to become bankers or looking forward to a change in their professional status with an excellent opportunity for a face-to-face encounter with the financial institutions’ HR specialists. As for banks themselves, they will have the possibility of identifying motivated and ambitious individuals to join their own teams of professionals”, said Mr. Cornel Dinu, General Manager of Multi Media Net.

Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President of CEC and of the Romanian Banking Association, stated: “It was a commendable initiative to organize such a fair for workplaces in the banking sector. And I’m saying that because, with so many banks on the market, the sector is plagued by a serious lack of qualified staff. I would joke about it and say that we have even started a genuine horse trading over bank officers, by ‘stealing’ them from one another. Returning to the serious topic at hand, bankers should be satisfied with the initiative of this fair, because I am firmly convinced that everyone will find a suitable offer here. Many of the visitors, who are really well trained, will find a challenging workplace in a very interesting field of business, while the others will find out about what it means to work in a bank and, who knows, maybe later – with a sufficiently solid background – we’ll hear more about them. On the other hand, banks will identify the individuals that deserve to be hired. The only problem is that, so far, they have had no idea how to proceed and who to turn to in order to reach us. I have no doubt that everyone will be satisfied”.

The fair is addressed mainly to graduates specializing in economics, to undergraduates attending schools of economics, to experienced individuals in the banking field, as well as to young persons in others fields of business wishing to reconvert their professional career to the financial and banking system. In this vein, the most sought after are sales specialists, given the keen competition in banking services to households and small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Although it is the oldest bank in Romania, CEC is obviously no exception from the general trend, in the sense that a certain lack of qualified staff in the banking field is manifest. Hence, our doors are open to young people with a solid background”, added Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea.

The event also included several workshops on career opportunities provided by banks, the terms and conditions for each such opportunity, training systems, remuneration schemes and chances of promotion. Workshops consisted of a session of presentations and a session of free debates attended by applicants and banks’ HR specialists.